Southeastern Train Services Taken Over By Government

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Hymie | 12:34 Sun 17th Oct 2021 | News
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If BBC news staff subscribed to Private Eye, they would have been informed of this last Wednesday (on receipt of their copy), rather than having to wait until the magazine was available from their news agent.


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BBC news said well over a week ago that this was going to happen so they did know about it and reported it well before last Wednesday.
Are you on the payroll at Private Eye?

You seem to advertise them on a very regular basis Hymie.
I think he’s got shares in it.
.....and if private eye staff had subscribed to text updates, they'd have learned about it the day the announcement was made by the DfT.
Perhaps if you had bothered to read this link,

on 28th September,
you'd have read,

"The operation of all Southeastern services would transfer from London South Eastern Railway (LSER) to SE Trains Limited on 17 October, the DfT said."
Ah, but if you've got a "downer" on the BBC, you must take every opportunity to push it...
I think hymie’s got a downer on everything - except Private Eye - and he thinks that’s really clever. :o)
I really dont get this thread. Is it News?
personally, as the only channel i ever receive news from, im glad the bbc takes its stories from credible sources such as DfT
the BBC News motto is "better late than wrong", with which I agree.

It's happened today, which makes it news.
Does this mean the re-birth of nationalisation ?

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Southeastern Train Services Taken Over By Government

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