How About Looking At China To Compensate Us And Other Countries?

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Bobbisox1 | 13:33 Mon 04th Oct 2021 | News
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Higher taxes and bigger council tax bills are just two of the things that the Pandemic is causing , not the Government’s fault , no matter who was or is in power ,we’ve been systematically raped with the Pandemic so why shouldn’t China think of compensation , after all they’re a very rich economy….probably not a popular thought but it was never meant to be popular just thought provoking


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BOBBI, if I claimed that some of the moon is made of green cheese, do you have evidence to refute that?////

No need to shout my name Corby, I’m not deaf…yet :0)
Covid did not 'rampage' through China though did it? However it started they took prompt appropriate action which meant they had it under control . If you believe what they say they had only 96,000 cases and under 5000 deaths.
Same with Australia and New Zealand. Uk should have closed its borders and had lockdown earlier. Thats why we had so many deaths.
I show all usernames in capitals, it's not only you.
Sorry Bobbs. It's impossible to enforce even if it was a possibility. Besides, I don't know how it could be proven that China were negligent. It's not as if they would be willing to allow access to their labs and records.
I know Bobbi hwhich is why I said some items are near impossible to boycott.

But many other items are available although you may have to pay more.

And yes not easy at first but if you dont start you wont finish!

May I remind you of this site rule:

Please refrain from adding emphasis in CAPITAL LETTERS as this indicates shouting and is considered rude.

This is particualry so when addressing another ABer. You have chose to have your uname in caps others have not so the site rule applies.
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There’s that of course Mozz, I think the W.H.O had difficulty getting in to check labs etc
I think that is an excellent well thought out idea
why not writte to Boris and suggest it?
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Peter that’s the most clear and concise answer I’ve ever seen from you :0)))
we are not at home to Mr CAPITAL LETTER - pouted Alice
( Alice in Wonderland)
oh, can I have BA pretty please

( there is a bit of irony that has gone by the by - - but you know BA what they hell)
Keeping the virus out of the UK would have been next to impossible.
In fact arguably a bad idea as no one round ever have built resistance to it in the long term.
Australia is doing that experiment
total exclusion - and that excludes golly Australian nationals.

with - varied success and at great expense
Gromit //The Industrial revolution kicked off in Manchester over 200 years ago,..//

Correction: It really started in Ironbridge near Coalbrookdale in Shropshire.
Yes I wondered about countries like Australia and New Zealand. Is the grief worth it long term? You’d think by now they’d relent a bit.

Anyway in answer to the question even if liability could ever be proved I can’t see China complying.
Can anyone?
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ich in short No, ( I hate the yes/ No answers, totally rude imo) China is not a democratic country
16:18... you may be right, ich... but was that really worth losing so many lives for? Who knows, we may end up with an effective van, or patch, as seems likely now, before we really had to worry about it.
Yes obviously at the start when no one knew how infectious or deadly this new virus was it made absolute sense to try to keep it out if possible.
Knowing what we know now though - how infectious it is etc, then we can say trying to stop it was next to impossible.
And going forward I’m sure the countries that have desperately tried to stop it will have to accept that it’s here to stay.
"they’re a very rich economy"

GDP per capita, PPP (current international $) in 2020

$17,312.0 China : $44,916.2 UK

The democratic "rampages" have been far more dangerous.

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How About Looking At China To Compensate Us And Other Countries?

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