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tiggerblue10 | 18:34 Tue 28th Sep 2021 | News
78 Answers shoot it dead?

Any reason why they couldn't tranquillise or tazer it?


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That is utterly disgraceful. Its not as if it posed any threat what-so-ever to humans. Just a bit of sport for the shooters -disgraceful!
From the link, 'A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said that while the deer could have been sedated "this needs to be done with caution in a public area such as this one, as the deer could startle and run when hit by the dart".

"This could create a bigger public safety and animal welfare issue," she added.'

I agree.
I live in a urban town near Manchester, and we are starting to see deer.
A danger to motorists? Utter ***.
Rubbish - I hate the RSPCA, would never give them any money they are corrupt.
What if a motorist had had to swerve to avoid it and crashed, killing driver/pedestrians, etc. People would have (quite rightly) asked, "Why didn't the police shoot it when they had the chance?"
"Its not as if it posed any threat what-so-ever to humans."

Did you fail to spot the large antlers on an animal that can outpace any human?
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......and the tazer option?
It was a frightened animal. They could have quietly let it find its way back from where it came.
it wasnt necessary to shoot it
and yes I agree with the RSPCA just leave it alone....

I tied my dog up outside a supermarket and it ended so I had to take it home without shopping. - someone got upset and wouldnt let go of - "there is a dog outside which I am sure has been abandoned...."
and then when I said it was mine, insisted on telling everyone ( yes everyone) how worried she was about it really....
until I said to the manager, I better take it home ( and WAS surprised when he said yes)
No. I know many adult humans like to believe the world is solely for them. It really isn't. In fact, many can barely tolerate human infants even. Those are the ones who should be shot ... :-)
You'd have to get quite close to Tazer the animal with any real accuracy, i would have thought.
It does seem a bit of an over reaction considering some of the other wildlife that roam the streets, often bringing inconvenience, even misery to residents and is left to its own devices.

Taking out a few dealers or thieves might be worth considering now that they have their eye in.
Nobody leaves unattended dogs any more, pp.
those antlers?
a deer can kill with one toss of its head
Old King William the rather bad Archer, 1103- 1126 and a half
was killed when he fell of his horse in full armour and helpless, was then mauled by a dying but pregnant doe

deer deer deer

killing a white deer means that under the old curse Bootle will sink beneath the waves within 20 y.

Tazers have a range of about twenty foot and even if it were hit, there would need to be a fair few folk to control it and who's to say it would recover anyway?
On more than one occasion I have driven late at night and stopped because of a red stag in the road. Was it a danger? No. I was really sad when I read today of that incident. I know this country has infantalized a lot of people but to kill an animal like that because it might be a danger is pathetic.
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They could've at least given the tazer a shot.
oh deer
the dog said it wanted to go shopping with me

white deer are really interesting
who come an albino deer gets to that size wivvart being eaten?

does it have pink irises

and the answer dear reader is that Deer get a leukosis ( they go white in middle age) and it is not genetic as it is far too common

betcha didnt know that
we have as the article says, a deer herd in West Dorset which has had white harts for a thousand years
( what in the domesday boke? yeah well sort of)

obligingly came out and pranced about in the millenium year ( two fousand for essex boys and girls)

big deal for us Dorsetters aaaaarh !

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