Uk Fuel And Food Problems .

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gulliver1 | 16:08 Tue 28th Sep 2021 | News
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Where is the Clown thats running the Circus. Has he still got his head buried in the sand somewhere, hoping someone else will come up with a solution and then he can make an appearance, Come out of hiding Boris
..... Your Country need YOU.......It's time to surface and sort this mess out that you have got the UK into.


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“ Those "labour flexibilities" are one of the main reasons why many people voted to leave. ”

I completely agree

“ Some 5m EU citizens have opted to remain in the UK under the settled status scheme and I doubt many of them were offered pay rises and promotions.”

Many of the 5m did not stay here for economic reasons

“ I don't know why the UK seems perfectly content to plunder the labour forces of other countries”

because our economy is reliant on cheap labour that is not easily replaced from within the UK. Not nice but it’s reality…

//...because our economy is reliant on cheap labour that is not easily replaced from within the UK. Not nice but it’s reality…//

And hopefully one which Brexit will at least in part begin to address. There is no reason why the UK should be a cheap labour economy. Employers like it for obvious reasons (hence why most of them were against Brexit) and the government condones it by shifting part of the employers' pay bills for lower paid workers to the taxpayer. As I said during the Brexit debate, this needs to stop and the UK economy needs to be remodelled on a more realistic basis.
Where do you suppose that labour is going to come from then?
From the pool of jobless for a start
Omg the nurse that’s just put my new drip up(I’m in hospital) has just told me that she spent 3 hrs today queuing for petrol just to be able to get to work this eve!!
I seen no queues for last 2 days. Must be localised
There are not enough unemployed people to do that bobbi
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22.01 untitled , not sure how you work that out .There are one million vacancies in the UK which is a record amount, and Two million unemployed.
for each EU driver employed here there will also be a wife & kids to be housed, schooled & use of nhs; likely @ tax payers expense! If the our able on welfare worked we wouldnt need to import others.

My son drives a tanker, works 12hrs pd @ £20ph. He has a wife & 3 teens to keep plus mortgage. It makes me sick to see able, fit blokes blocking motorways during normal working hours; who pays them?
@10.10.You Brexiteers just make me despair,TCL.You keep on defending the SNP.If Brexit is bad,just imagine what nightmares await us Scots with Scexit.
@22.52.Take a guess,Gully.Up here in Scotland a lot of the unemployed would prefer to starve to death rather than getting out of their beds to do an honest days work.Gods truth,you would need a cattle-prod to even get them out of bed.I despair.
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22.55, Tamborine.. Not forgetting that The E/U Tanker driver who is working in the UK is also a tax payer and paying rent for his wife and kids to be housed etc
It is the non working immigrants that you should be concerned about ,also the two and a half million Brits who are not working and scrounging of the State.
Unemployment is currently 1.5 million not 2 million which sounds like a lot but isn't... It includes people who are waiting to start a job they have already secured... can't see any proof we can actually use all those people to pick fruit or drive HGVs especially if they have families to support or like most people expect a job with progression possibilities. Uk has serious problems with underemployment productivity and wage growth but not the same thing at all as unemployment...
I blame Thatcher. It's all her fault for creating a 24/7 economy. Ipso Fatso.

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Uk Fuel And Food Problems .

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