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psychedelic rainbow trout anyone ?
Why are the organisers not prosecuted.
Doesn’tWorthy Farm have a Diary Herd producing foodstuff for human consumption ?
The organisers do provide bogs Gromit. Just people dont like using ones filled with bangers and mash. It tends to pen a bit to say the least.
Hey up, ymf is morphing into TTT :-)
No Ken, just using the everyday language my wife of 30 years uses. It tends to rub off.
eels in a flap !
too much cocaine I am told
but I am not sure how much is unchanged in the urine - it cant be much or else people would already be re cycling it
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In order to prevent magic mushrooms from giving you an upset stomach the traditional measure was to give the mushrooms to the village idiot, get him to urinate and then you would drink the idiot's urine.

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High Lamps. In The Stream

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