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Had you asked that question last week I would have said no, but watching to party conference and the disharmony amongst them all I would say he has a chance.
With the state that the Labour party is in at the moment anything is possible.
As party leader?
He's not even an official Labour MP at the moment, so, er I think there's more chance of Angela Rayner being the next Tory leader ;-)

Ohhh I do hope so Naomi, he’s the gift that keeps on giving
Question Author
//He's not even an official Labour MP at the moment//

True - but in reality it means little - and he certainly has a lot to say of late.
I have to say that as much as I think Corbyn is a joke, that he's preferable to that awful Angela Rayner! And no, I don't think he will ever be reinstated.
I hope so, very good Tory asset was Jezza!
I've got a better chance. Best thing Jez & his mates could do would be to join the British Communist Party.
I must admit to developing some fondness for Jezza since he lost the leadership. I thought he was the fruitcake of his family, turns out he's the "sensible" one! Who'd have thunk it? Then look at Rayner in the party gawd elp us if she ever gets anywhere near the levers of power. Fortunately I can't see Labour in its current form ever winning an election.
naomi - "He has a lot to say of late. This article is from August. "
+ "True - but in reality it means little - and he certainly has a lot to say of late. "

In neither Link does Corbyn say one single word.

Not even the popular Answerbank themes ,

'a woke,Brexit,,tranny, communist,migrant,muslim, Corbyn-hater that took the knee..."

Question Author
sevenOP, I didn't post the link to demonstrate that he has a lot to say of late but to confirm that despite currently sitting as an independent, he was invited to the Labour conference. If you look elsewhere you'll find he certainly does have a lot to say of late. I would post a link but it might not suit you so best you look for yourself.
I don't think even the Labour Party - not an organisation famed for its interface with reality, could possibly consider Corbyn as a viable leader.

Of course he will retain his hard line support, but they will be duly squashed by the people who actually do hold the power, as opposed to those who merely wish they did.
The link is about reinstating the Labour whip to Corbyn not reinstating him as leader (which I don’t think is in the party constitution apart from anything else)
And he is still a member of the Labour Party so he is entitled to be at the conference
I hope Corbyn is Banned from every political Party there is.
And I also hope that Boris is still in power when the next G/E comes around.
I think Gully has be assimilated by the Borg!
Me too Gully or what else could your future musings consist of
Boris will be the greatest asset of all times to any opposition party at the next G/E (please please keep BORIS in charge until then)
COB back as labour leader, now that bought a smile.

However I just cant see it, the gob on a stick reckons shes taking over from Sir Kier so if COB gets in the way she is likely to just stick a bovver boot in his groin on the way though.

Labour really are a shambles, cant even form a decent opposition let alone a party fit for Government.
I don't think so, but there are many loons in the Labour Party that would like to see it happen.

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