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ynnafymmi | 06:51 Sun 26th Sep 2021 | News
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Anyone know how this Brexit carry-on is doing.(Just asking for a friend).No empty shelves,no rationing of petrol,no asking back all these nasty Europeans we told to *** off back to their own countries or anything?As i said just asking for a friend.


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//As i said just asking for a friend.// ynnafymmi - have you got any friends? Just asking.
08:43 Sun 26th Sep 2021
many of those so called nasty Europeans chose to take up the option presented by this government of staying in the UK< i read that the figure was 5 million, see if i can find a link to that snippet of info.
there are instances of empty shelves, caused by lack of road haulage drivers, Brexit is not to blame for that, i am sure that people like TTT Jackdaw, can elaborate more on this.
not counting the ones that came across from France with the Conq or the Hugenots - and then think of all those Italians post WW1 and 2 - and then there were the Poles. And I am not even counting the Irish or the Jewish immigrants.
Not strictly true emmie, brexit is to blame for the problems in NI.
no idea RH, i don't know enough on the subject of NI to make a comment.
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Ah,well.All going swimmingly then.No hitches or anything whatsoever.Great news.(Said sarcastically).
dtc we aren't talking long ago but now, and i have provided a link to say how many have taken up the option of staying and its close on 5 million. nearly 3 million Europeans according to the link.
if you want sarcasm why post it. no its not going swimmingly, you can't unravel 40 years of EU membership in a few years, there are still problems and they need resolving which could take years.
// caused by lack of road haulage drivers,//
yes "lack" you naughty girl
everyone knows - because we have been Told -

there is no shortage - I see no shortage ( thx Nelson - did anyone else see? Poor Nelson on AB got wiped out yesterday, deleted, dead)(*)

Petrol ( pick up a penguin ) point run by er Indians was closed yesterday near me
Closed - nichty ! naughty boy! - "non-operative" ( Thx to Pres Nixon 1973 - "all previous white house press releases are non operative") - not closed, open but waiting for petrol which was NOT short, but just somewhere else....

(*) for not toeing the party line ....

Ynni hey Ynni what about that £600 k that has gone short norf a da border? - No, it IS there, it isnt short - it is just in someone else's pocket

hur hur hur

o the insights AB give me into life !
Well the food crisis is only in part as Putin is to blame for N-Gas prices and hence the CO2 issue (rather ironic when we are trying to stuff the gas into anything we can). So too the fuel -driver shortages - this has nothing to do with the EU as you have to have a safety licence on top of your HGV or small truck licence and essentially what has happened is that Esso and BP have reached a point where a large intake of drivers have retired. Entice them back with a licence renewal and better dosh - and I may just renew my Cat 3 ADR - we were encouraged to have the quali and last used in the Petrol Strike - management candidates then helping to free up those truck drivers working for delivering LPG or Petrol.
// you can't unravel 40 years of EU membership in a few years//
anyone got a long memory ?
no nope I know the answer to that
a week on AB is a long time - next day even.... ( thx to harold wilson)

Dennis Healey ( who he den) and Jim Callaghan and devaluation crisis 1967 - well they chorussed - after 15 y of Tory misrule...

o come on replied the Beeb journo - you have said that for three years ....

( o no they said etc etc)
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Anyone on AB able to decipher what PP is rambling on about.I dont know if he is agreeing or disagreeing with me?
no idea
// Putin is to blame for N-Gas prices and hence the CO2 issue (rather ironic when we are trying to stuff the gas into anything we can)//

oh god clearly not a scientist - you know they are different gases ( like snow,leaves, troof on AB etc)

and anyway we knew Putin was up to somefing years ago when he turned off the gas to Ukraine. That must have been ten years ago
And how do you explain the shortage of hgv drivers across the test of Europe including EU ynafymi? Asking for a freind
Foo ynni there is a crazy lady who brings up the missing £600 000 which has disappeared they say into a scots politician's spouse's picket
at every opportunity...
hadnt you read?
sozza wrong fred
foo ynni didnt you know?
there are no shortages - it is just somewhere else waiting to be shipped....

where have you BEEN over the last few days - o lardy dah!
i thought you were asking for a friend?
foo ynni Putin is head boy of Russia didnt you read the election results there 20 y ago? Lordy lordy

and someone has used the ess word.....
who's a naughty boy?

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