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jno: "Care to explain what you think will happen if they're untied again - as they were in 1938?" I don't buy that narrative jno. i.e. War again IF untied. The rogue raider era completely ended -vikings, goths, huns etc - , then the ~200 years of 'christian' religious wars in Europe completely ended, the major powers in Europe warsWW 1 and WW11 -completely...
13:17 Sat 25th Sep 2021
That's a couple of months old Tora.
foo - j'espere que oui

( blimey remark in forrin - it clearly wont last)
Looks like it TTT , they may just have come to their senses now
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You're nothing if not consistent lol
Some would say "obsessed" :-J
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"That's a couple of months old Tora. " - do you think the situation has changed mozz?
" the E/U starting to self destruct? " No, but it sure looks like the UK is by the the state of it. .... When will the ration books be issued....?.
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How would you describe theses countries if they jumped ship from the European Union ?
We were Brexit, France could be Frexit, just a thought , over to you for a laugh :0)))

Austria Italy
Belgium Latvia
Bulgaria Lithuania
Croatia Luxembourg
Cyprus Malta
Czechia Netherlands
Denmark Poland
Estonia Portugal
Finland Romania
France Slovakia
Germany Slovenia
Greece Spain
Hungary Sweden

Maybe Belgium could be Blexit?

It would take a lot to drive former Eastern bloc Countries back into the bear hug of Russian control. The EUSSR looks like managing to do just that. Ever likely France keeps agitating for a European "army" ... an organisation that needs full German agreement. The French need Germany as a buffer against the full on right wing Soviet bloc that is going to develop.
Sorry should be in CB not News ( sorry TTT ) if a Mod is up could they move it please ?
Desperation for any country to follow Britain. Don’t hold your breath. Why not concentrate on your own country . ?
You were spouting the same nonsense 4 years ago.

Before the 2016 vote there were predictions that our leaving would open the flood gates and the whole thing would fall apart. And that just didn’t happen. No other country is anywhere near considering leaving.
"Britain stands alone," ....." We are facing a new dawn with sunlit meadows"
But can you hang on a few more weeks while we recruit a Couple of thousand HGV drivers back from the E/U .........because we think we got it wrong.

No, just observing the date. I guess you either missed the story at the time or felt like banging the same old drum and looked for an article to back it up.
Nothing to do with brexit Gulliver, all down to covid, don’t ya know !!!
Bobbs, so THAT'S who his new partner in crime is!
First timd I've heard of Czechia. I presume it is that part of Czechoslovakia which became the Czech Republic. When did this term come into being?
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gromit 10:42, that was a belter wasn't it? I am so grateful to have you as a research disciple!
10/10 for observance Mozz :0))))

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