An Interesting Piece By Ian Austin (Ex Labour Mp)

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youngmafbog | 08:00 Sat 25th Sep 2021 | News
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Someone like him is a great loss to the Labour Party.
Sadly he's shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. His party disappeared years ago.
They have no characters anymore , no one with fire in their bellies, people like the Beast of Bolsover who was often escorted from the Chamber , I liked the days of Hestletine and Skinner,they entertained
He's not wrong is he.
Indeed, as Austin maintains, we can't have actual democracy inhibiting the omniscient like him 'directing the bewildered herd'.

Wow, the in crowd getting near, but missing the jackpot dream story - a woke, communist,muslim,tranny, migrant, Corbyn-hater that took the knee...
Ian Austin is only saying what we all already know; Labour in it's present form will never win an election - nor even be an effective opposition.
Before he has any notions of winning an election, SKS has to win control of his own Party. To that end, he does appear to be trying to rid Labour of the extreme hard left, which, on it's own, is a mammoth task. His plans to alter the way leaders of the party are elected have been blocked and he's having to come up with a plan B. He may never achieve his aims, but if he can ease the path for others in his wake, it would be a start to making Labour a viable choice at future elections.
I agree with Austin, but am pessimistic that power can be dragged away from Momentum and some of the hard left Unions, particularly Len Mccluskey and his ilc, (sorry spelling) who are still Labour's paymasters

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An Interesting Piece By Ian Austin (Ex Labour Mp)

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