'Remarkably Childish': Boris Johnson

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maggiebee | 10:43 Fri 24th Sep 2021 | News
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Boris Johnson has been branded “remarkably childish” after the prime minister name-checked Kermit the Frog in a speech about climate change.

Addressing the UN General Assembly in New York, Johnson was talking about technological breakthroughs which have aided the green cause when he launched into an aside about the Muppet character.

He said: “When Kermit the Frog sang ‘it’s not easy being green’…”

Looking up at his audience, the PM, apparently uneasy, asked: “Do you remember that one?”
He continued: “I want you to know that he was wrong. He was wrong. It is easy, not only easy – it is lucrative and it’s right to be green.

“But he was also unnecessarily rude to Miss Piggy, I thought.”

Did he think he was in his child's nursery rather than at the UN General Assembly? World Leader? What a joke.

You can hear his speech here:


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Coo. Bet that made your day, Maggie.
// it prompted Labour's shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy to say: “After a year of diplomacy, the prime minister’s ‘year of global leadership’ [the UK hosted the G7 summit in June and will host the COP26 summit in November] seems to have collapsed into insulting Kermit the Frog.//

She's complaining that he's insulted Kermit the Frog? And he's childish? Are you serious? How funny. :o)))))))
It was odd, but let’s give the man credit for what was a very good speech overall.
Let’s hope the actions of all nations back it up.
The world needs a bit of humour. Good on him for trying even though it did fall a bit flat this time. At least its drew some attention to the green issues
Whose quote is that "remarkably childish" quote maggiebee?
....what's your point maggie? I thought it was a good light hearted analogy.
It was a bit of fun. No problem. Good for him!
// Coo. Bet that made your day, Maggie.//
I love these one liners Naomi more please....
I was gonna punt ( 10/10 for gormlessness etc)

Boris Johnson has been branded “remarkably childish”
well he will fit in remarkably well in AB then wont he ?
tah-daaah !
(I have to put that on the end to signify crushing one liner)
ignore them maggie
Proud boys, and girls are out today.

Boris Trump can do no wrong.

Next stop, Fraggle Rock.
'Ignore them Maggie'. Why? We are just expressing what we think.
//Next stop, Fraggle Rock. //

Hope not, douglas. Poor Lisa Nandy will never recover!

Lottie, the sour have taken fun off the agenda these days. ;o)

(PP - ^another one-liner for you).
There are more pressing matters to address at home before we get to climate change I think, very poor timing considering people are worrying how they can afford to keep warm this winter.
'branded' a Labour back bencher. Move along, move along. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Love it :-)
//it's right to be green//... well, full-on racism there lol.
Britain has their own Trump .
Oops, sorry, duplicate link there.
It was a Labour back bencher, Naomi. It names him in the article if you read far eough.
Oh, ok. Thanks.

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'Remarkably Childish': Boris Johnson

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