Big S N P Rally In Glasgow Yesterday...

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Spicerack | 10:09 Mon 20th Sep 2021 | News
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Were any of our Scottish Nationalists there?
If so, which one was you?


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some of those rides were terrifying spicey!
10:48 Mon 20th Sep 2021
It wasn't an SNP event.
Don’t confuse the old boy . Best just to ‘ nod ‘.
It was a Scottish independence rally … with Tommy whatever his name is giving his proposals for an independent socialist Scotland. What’s not to like? Sounds wonderful. :o/
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“Tommy whatever his name”, just keep nodding :-)
Problem. Anne?
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Father Ted is banned now, lol. This place is turning into an asylum.
some of those rides were terrifying spicey!
I wondered why this hadnt been in the MSM so had a look round and found this on Glasgow Live:

From the photo it looks like maybe 50 people so hardly a rally.

Perhaps there was some confusion with COB's brothers rally alos inGlasgow that it says attracted hundreds?
Where was that, SevenOP?
A sash and head case window on the world right there.
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Looks busy.
Hasn't the SNP been responsible for the day to day running of Scotland for the last 14 years?

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Big S N P Rally In Glasgow Yesterday...

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