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What do you want to know? I'll get right on to Putin and ask him for you
Question Author
well my last attempt was taken down do I'm a bit confused.
Did your question make sense? Was it in plain English? Was it alluding to anything or anyone? Was you casting aspersions?

The Siberian Times
Eight people killed, 19 wounded at a shooting at the Perm State University in the Urals. An 18-year-old attacker, first year student of the same Uni, ID'ed as Timur Bekmansurov is reported to be fatally wounded by police.

From Twitter
I'm not discussing any particular thread but sometimes it's the way a question is phrased and not the subject that is the issue.
10.02 Thought you said it was something to do with dancing,????
// The local news website published an unconfirmed social media post from the suspected shooter where he describes in detail his plans and motivations for the attack.

"What happened was not a terrorist attack (at least from a legal point of view). I was not a member of an extremist organization, I was nonreligious and apolitical. Nobody knew what I was going to do, I carried out all these actions myself," the post reads. //

These maniac muslims will say anything won’t they ?
Time to get tough on all muslims. Especially Dervishes.
well Putin won the election - is that any help
The fear is plain in most of the footage online, horrifying attack.
// Did your question make sense? Was it in plain English?//
mine are often 'no' to both. and THEY dont get taken down

I posted a thread in er French which got spiked
Mods didnt know Spiral ( engrenages ) was a French cop drama
or like some Abers didnt do French ( Thx to HM Queen )

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Are We Allowed To Ask About The Russian Shooting......?

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