Another Fine Piece Of Journalism From The Daily Mail

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Hymie | 20:55 Wed 15th Sep 2021 | News
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Where the all important house price gets prominence within a story about a murdered 5 year old girl.
And that the property is close to Ealing Croquet Club (DM readers will be lapping this stuff up).


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Can see why they mention it tho its hardly the ost important point. But its relevant in that its far less common for murdurs like this to happen in leafy affluent suburbs than in run down estates where crime, drugs is rife
But the reason you are posting this is to have a go at the DM and the readers of the DM

What does that say about you?
agree, house prices only belong in the headlines if the story's about house prices. Tacky.
As bob says, it helps paint the picture. If they'd said it occurred in a £200 a week room in an eight roomed hovel next to a drug den, you'd get a different picture.
RIP little angel.
Seems quite a confused story.
Not sure the DM has all the pieces to make sense of anything and write a meaningful story.
But it is about foreigners so they can’t resist writing something even if it is incomprehensible.
@21.44.Says more about Hymie than it says about the Daily Mail.Using the murder of a 5 year old girl to make some kind of political point reaches a new depth even for Answerbank surely.
a million in Ealing will get you a modest sized suburban home, which tells you nothing about the area at all.
//(DM readers will be lapping this stuff up). //

What an atrocious and twisted thing to say. I read the daily mail on occasion but I am certainly not sitting here "lapping up" the apparent murder of an innocent little child, foreign or otherwise.
Question Author
I too doubt that DM readers will be lapping up the story of the young girl’s murder – but the mention of the house price within the story will be of great interest to them.

Should the journalist standards at the DM drop and a story of a murder appear on their on-line website without the all important mention of a house price – I will be sure to point it out on AB.
Don't forget the local schools.

"The area is popular with young families due to being close to Fielding Primary School and Elthorne Park High School, which have both been rated 'outstanding' by the education watchdog Ofsted."

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Another Fine Piece Of Journalism From The Daily Mail

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