Why Are We Still Having Daily Covid Briefings Etc?

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ToraToraTora | 17:20 Tue 14th Sep 2021 | News
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Covid is approximately no 9 on the list of things we die of every day, so why are they not reporting states on the Top ones rather than still banging on about Covid?
Time to just suck it up and get on with it and accept that we have to live with it for the foreseeable future? Why are we feeding the jobsworth types that are loving this? Not to mention trashing the economy for no good reason.


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No gulliver. It won't change the minds of those who think that anyway. They think they know better than scientists and so ignore them
Thank you for the support Bob
"It was to let people who think they are invincible and covid can not affect them go into work and supermarkets without wearing masks ,and take the pee out of people who do take precautions,"

Divisive nonsense. Not heard of Plan B for winter then gulliver ?
//They think they know better than scientists//

Except of course, apart from the real anti vaxx nutjobs, it depends on the scientist you want to believe.

I agree TTT, we have done what we can now time to get the economy going as fast as possible so we are back in a financial position to sort out another similar issue.
//Not heard of Plan B for winter //

That the one the Tory back benchers booed javid for today?
Real answer? It's softening us up to accept arbitrary and possibly draconian laws which should never have been passed in the 1st place!

There we go, you asked, rant over. Fed up of them. R4 went on and on about it.
YMB @21.02......" I agree TTT we have done what we can"........
OMG...... Batman and and Robin are going to save us all.......
Question Author
21.55, You are Lost for words again it seems.
What is "SVI"?
Series Six
If he types it in full Corby it gets removed, this way he can pretend it's innocuous.
22.21, ...... Similar to TGT...... Then Mamyalynne?.
What is TGT?
22.12 SVI means , ...."Sounds Very Intelligent".......
I would rather TORATORATORA says what it means and the same goes for you and TGT.

SVI means , ...."Sounds Very Intelligent".......

...or it might mean 'silly village idiot', who's to know?
-- answer removed --
Question Author
22:30 no idea who/what TGT is.
Righto! :-P

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Why Are We Still Having Daily Covid Briefings Etc?

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