Well I Never Thought I Would Be Reading This

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youngmafbog | 08:09 Fri 10th Sep 2021 | News
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// Mr Barnier, who is now considering a run at the French presidency next year, yesterday said the role of the ECJ in France should be limited. In an extraordinary intervention, he said: ‘We must regain our legal sovereignty so that we are no longer subject to the rulings of the European Court of Justice or the European Court of Human Rights.’ //

Interesting, and I fully support his aim.


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c'est vraiment incroyable - - - ( AB translation : eet eez truly - ow-u-say - in-kroy-able)

I will try to find zee French report. - alot happening in Paree over the proces du 13 novembre ( Bataclan, silly ) and not a squeak-ette on AB
and a lot on the Arena - "we wont turn out next time" - "we" is first responders, who are planning to be no-responders. But hey hold on, first time round werent the fire brigade - no-responders? No comment on AB - too far north

just saying - - not complaining
well here are his comments on Brexit post-brexit

In nordern eerland, the British have come to their cake and ha'penny .....
God this has really caught AB's imagination! foo as TTT might quip

Très heureux de recevoir @MichelBarnier
: merci d’avoir défendu la fermeté et l’unité de l’Europe. Avec détermination et avec succès. Nous devons maintenant appliquer cet accord avec exigence et vigilance. La souveraineté européenne est notre combat de chaque jour

Beaune ( loyal French minister = sheep) thx for having defended the unity of Europe - with courage and results. We must go on with application and enthusiasm. European soverainty is our every day struggle

A bit like AB stalwarts, Barnier has been at pains to clarify his remarks ( = the next day say the opposite)
/// Barnier has been at pains to clarify his remarks ( = the next day say the opposite)///

Now who does that remind me of - Johnson, Patel, Hancock, Williamson, Starmer, Gove, Truss, the list goes on and on.
Frexit on the way then?
@13.33.If they want to commit economic suicide like us Brits did then go ahead France.
now now, they will at one bound be free to sell us magnums of champagne and buy Reliant Robins (for about the same price).
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Did you actually read the article jno?

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Well I Never Thought I Would Be Reading This

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