The European Fbi?

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DTCwordfan | 19:42 Thu 09th Sep 2021 | News
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How do you feel about Armin Laschet (a German CDU candidate earmarked to replace the motherly Angela coming out with a proposal to Monsieur Macron to create a European FBI/

I voted for 'Remain' in 2016 on the basis of creating change from within - still, I have certain sympathies but this really goes against the grain - the formation of a 21st century 'Art Gestapo Nouveau' perhaps?

Back in 1982, I attended a conference in Brussels about 'European Perspectives and Trends' and they foresaw the European model moving from a political spectrum of 'blue and red' to 'green and brown'..... This is right up there along with The Sturgeon sucking up to the Scottish Greens - but the latter is more about sustaining her pink/left-wing politics.

Views - and keep it nice.


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oh I forgot the link, the Daily Tel but there is this out there....
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thanks, wolfie, all for a 'blank space'....
So what? It won't affect us.
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two of you replying - or do I need to go to Specsavers... probably so as omitted a grammatical bracket after 'motherly Angela' - I'm sure she doesn't mind.
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Won't it - cooperation and all that??
we are not really told what this would mean
Fed in FBI means they have powers over states
and states not surprisingly tend to resist their er help

therefore various things are defined as Federal crimes ( kidnapping is one ) and it goes with a federal justice system

so enter a dunno for me
...but there is still Interpol. Isn't that enough?
A German wants a new and exciting "law enforcement and investigational bureau"? Hmm remind me again. Will they have smart black uniforms from Hugo Boss, and a secret policemans ball? Just the one mind ... Hitler had the other.
We have had EuroPol for over 40 years.
Police forces across the Continent sharing information to LOCK UP CRIMINALS.

If your stupid ideology would prefer letting hardcore criminals, paedophiles, embezzlers, and corrupt officials to get away with everything just because you don’t want to associate with Germans, French or Spanish investigators, then more fool you.
The deluded are already insisting that the fully integrated new Orwellian force will be to catch "criminals". Haha ... to make criminals more like. Criminals that they define as such for sure. Hate though criminals, extremists who refuse to obey type criminals, people who haven't bought into the "Brussels is all powerful" mantra type criminals. They will need places to herd them into . Special camps maybe with cheap gas from Russia supplied free.
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logical Togo except that the Russian gas isn't exactly coming cheap - it's piling up in The Ukraine so that, at some point, it will explode like a terraced house in Burnley or Wakesfield - except we are talking the whole countey..
Apparently the directors of the new Bureau have already been selected; Herr Flick and Inspector Clouseau.
Its Wakefield no s!!
Brevity happened, so why do you care what Germany or the others members get up to?
I'm not really sure I understand the problem.

Why shouldn't they have an "European FBI" ?
Armin Laschet, as head of the North Rhine-Westphalia state, is a conservative politician having a history of no interest in local environmental matters. Against all common sense, he agreed with a local energy giant, RWE, to allow its continuing operating an enormous lignite, open-cast mine until 2038.

As potential successor to Angela Merkel, many who have seen all their close-knit hamlets/villages razed to the ground will not be voting for him.
A sudden about-turn, declaring his support for all matters 'environmental', together with lack of tact when visiting the disastrous flood areas has seen some in his party withdraw assistance to his cause.
Many simply cannot envisage his replacing 'Angie' in Berlin.
If he were to pull it off, drawing comparisons with his political counter-part in the U.K. would be inevitable. Perish the thought.

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The European Fbi?

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