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grumpy01 | 16:49 Thu 09th Sep 2021 | News
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Yet another clanger from this man whose ambition far outweighs his ability.How has he confused Marcus Rashford with Maro Itoje.How is he still in one of the most important cabinet positions in the country.


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I did wonder how he was successful at selling fireplaces - maybe not. Has he got something on Johnson? Of course, Williamson couldn't tell the difference between Marcus R and Maro I ...
Question Author
It's either him and some of the other incompetent's e.g Pritti Hopeless have something on Johnson or he keeps them in place for support against some of his ememies within cabinet.
Is mixing a couple of sportsmen up that big a deal? I'm guessing he's not a sport fan.
Question Author
Well Marcus Rashford was all over the news with his campaign for feeding neeedy Children.
is this a sign for the usual routine of recalling gaffes by judges etc

what are the Bay-attles, kicks off

In the Gazza privacy case:
Judge isnt there an opera called 'Gazza'
QC: My Lord there may be
Judge - the silken ladder or something
QC My Lord is forever.....

the cruel court correspondent pointed out tht the Silken Ladder was La Scala di Sete, and La Gazza Ladra was the Thieving Magpie. Neither the malicious lickspittle continued featured an association footballer
Gavin - -
is he the minister that thought that 'Muffin the Mule' was some sort of sex toy?
I couldn't tell them apart.
" I couldn't tell them apart. "

Muffin the Mule and a sex toy???
Non story, I wouldn't have noticed the 'gaffe', both mem have do e work for various charities. Does it matter, in the great scheme of things and if it had been amother minister, would it have been jumped on ?
yeah foo
are you call aware
that Gavin the gaffe is a play on words on a French cartoon character - Gaston le Gaffe

His forged sick note in one is
Gaston est atteint d'une syndrom affreux - c'est tout!

( G is te''ble ill, that's it)
Question Author
No it probably wouldn’t but this man is so incompetent so any opportunity to rubbish his reputation is taken.
I wouldn’t be able to recognise either of them. In fact I’ve never heard of Maro Itoje.
the two fellas have taken it in good part
and by the way my name is Maro and not Mario ....
Question Author
No rugby follower then Boto ?
Maro Itoje is instantly recognisable to me, as a Saracens season ticket holder for many years, and a regular Twickenham goer (plus he’s the best blindside in the world- and I’ll even stick my neck out and say he’s the best player in world at the moment), but honestly, I wouldn’t be able to pick Rashford out if my life depended on it.

So if Williamson follows neither sport, perhaps he simply doesn’t know (although, as he was talking to Itoje, he should have had the respect to find out who he was talking to).
Grumpy @18.43 Nope, hate all sport!
Williamson and Raab will be moved sideways tomorrow in Boris’ reshuffle.
Raab will become Chief pencil sharpener monitor by default. They can’t trust Williamson with that job because he is banned from having scissors or sharp things.

to annoy gromit - //Williamson and Raab will be moved sideways tomorrow in Boris’ reshuffle// - as in a straight job-swap. For Williamson, is it 'Merkel or Markel'? For Raab, is it comprehensive or in public?
or, seeing it another way, Raab gets to be involved with a hands-on school-desk job and Williamson gets to go on a (very-welcomed) holiday.....

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