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I just read this story.

Maro Itoje posted the following in response on Twitter;

Due to recent speculation I thought it was necessary to confirm that I am not Marcus Rashford... And whilst we are here my name is not Mario either!! Just a simple Maro Itoje will do...Much love, Marcu... I mean Maro Itoje.'

The Manchester United star Marcus Rashford also tweeted, posting a crying face emoji and joking: 'Accent could have been a giveaway.'

Their responses were light-hearted and showed that they were in no way offended.

People are joking about it - but certain people love to work themselves into a lave (check out the best rated answers).

Ha ha...lava.
Question Author
Or even 'lather' :-)

Oof...I can't even blame Autocorrect for that one!
I have to admit that I often have problems telling people apart when watching films and TV programmes.

Yesterday I watched a film that had three guys with similar hairstyles and colouring. I had no idea who was who.

Question Author
But if you'd had a 'zoom' session with one of them, my bet is you'd recall which one of them it was, Woolf?
wolf63, Virginia Woolf, who can tell them apart.
A bit of a nonstory, I think.
If I ever become famous I want to use the surname Woolf. With a name like that, I can snarl at people who annoy me when I am out and about. I believe that she was Bipolar.

maybe if I have had a conversation with a person I would remember them.

I have only one sibling and he left Scotland and moved to England some years ago, my mother died in 1996 and that left only me and my dad living in Scotland.

I used to be worried that he would die suddenly in the street and I would have to identify his body. I worried that I would not be able to identify him.

'Luckily' he died in his bed and I found him when I called later that day.

Strangely I can usually tell two identical-looking cats or dogs apart.
Yes, it is a non-story but it's the end of summer. But what a numpty that our AB beloved minister is - Maro Itoje is a man-mountain in comparison to Mr. Manchester and Marcus is no slouch....
If he was otherwise highly competent, it would be a non story.

As it is, it's yet more evidence that he is lacking in competence ...
Bit of a non-sequiter there.
"Ha ha...lava."

Twitter goes into meltdown. :-)

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