Boris To Break Election Manifesto

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gulliver1 | 15:51 Fri 03rd Sep 2021 | News
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Boris promised not to increase Income tax , vat, or National Insurance if you voted for him.
He has now changed his mind and is going to increase Nat ins . Coupled with a strong possibility of smashing the State Pension Triple Lock, while he's at it.


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Quelle surprise
Oh dear. A pandemic has happened since he made that promise. You really can't think beyond your blinkered hatred can you.

p.s. I voted remain (something else you were completely wrong about on yesterday's post).
I am no fan of the Tories, but it isn't a certainty. What the news says is that it hasn't been ruled out; not that it's going to happen. They should keep to their word, but somehow the books have got to balance. My concern is that the money raised will be used to give private companies a good profit.
Election win 2019 and all was tickety-boo, fast forward 3 months and we’re in the grip of a pandemic requiring billions to support business and to pay people to stay at home.

The Tories were obviously stupid when they wrote the manifesto not to
have the foresight to see the pandemic.

Your posts, Gulliver, grow more inane by the day - I didn’t think that was even possible.
At the time of the 2019 election the only virus threatening the UK was Corbyn and his mutant varianble Abbott. As Macmillam once said, "Events, dear boy, events".
“…mutant variable Abbott.”

I don't understand, everybody says they don't believe politicians so why believe it this time?
A link from The dailymirror needs to be took with a large pitnch a salt maggiebee. Ilnoe as im labour and use to buy the Mirror regular but knew allways it was pro Labour and not allways reliable fir the truth
Things change Gulliver.

They would have changed for Mr Corbyn in just the same way if he had been elected, and he would now be adjusting, as Boris is.

That's just how life works - it's not Boris's fault - well, except in your mind of course, where everything is his fault.
// As Macmillam once said, "Events, dear boy, events".//
or as Stanley Baldwin once said - very little is important and almost nothing is very important

but foo that must have been pre December 1936

that was then Gully and this is now
After a year+ like this I`m amazed they havent done it sooner, your injections and all the momentous drains on the NHS, the evacuation of Afghanistan etc dont come cheap.
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^^^err, OK - duly noted.
It makes sense. They're increasing the payments in line with the increased cost of the thing that the payments pay for.
‘Sense’ isn’t something that comes naturally to the remedial class kids. Common, or otherwise.

Watch out for next week’s exciting episode of dumb and dumber!
Booo whoever deleted Gulliver’s insult and deleted its answer. I take pride in being called stupid by Gulliver.
Isn't there talk that pensioners will have to pay NI as well? That will probably have big ramifications here on AB, th'old folks home of tinternet. :o)
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Boris To Break Election Manifesto

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