Kabul Airport Explosion

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roadman | 15:12 Thu 26th Aug 2021 | News
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explosion at kabul airport i hope the civilians are ok and that they get extracted this is just awful i cant imagine how scary it would be to be at an airport with bombs going off i am a nervous flyer as it is


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the explosion came shortly after shots were reportedly fired at an italian military transport plane as it flew out of Kabul airport
Already posted on the Taliban thread with a later update.ISIS have started their terrorist activities.
// with bombs going off i am a nervous flyer as it is//

hmm autumn break in Kabul is off the agenda this year then
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the pentagon says it was a suicide bomber which might mean it was an american RPG fired at afghani civies
roadman//american RPG fired at afghani civies//
Being facetious?
They said it was imminent. I cannot see any solution to what's going on out there. Too awful to contemplate.

They were predicting this would happen on the breakfast news today. "A very credible threat". Unstoppable, it would seem.
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danny i find it hard to beleive what they say considering they signed a deal with the taliban talk about terrorist sympathisers
Didn't the UK forces warn UK people not to head to the airport this morning.
taliban dont like ISIS - and vice versa

One is too strict and one think the others are possies
hard to believe I know

ISIS have no problem with killing Muslims - not even the wrong kind of Muslim ( Huzari, Shia, Sufis, ahmaddiyya)
Kabul is only 200 km (120 miles) from the border with Pakistan, instead of hanging around at the airport I'd have been off on my bike long ago.
//ISIS gave no problem with killing Muslims//

None of them have a problem with killing anyone.
Innocent people and children dead. So very very sad .
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i know peter i know taliban and al qauda and is is are all enemys of eachother

i compare it to fast food

they are like all fast food franchises and competitors

the usa made deal with the taliban to stop alqeuda from growing

its like them joining mcdonalds to tackle fast food by getting rid of burger king it makes no sense but when did the usa make sense
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Kabul Airport Explosion

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