Covid App … No Mobile Phone

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smurfchops | 09:32 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | News
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Hi all, me again …. Further to my previous question. I am going to download the NHS app for use when going abroad. However my husband doesn’t have a mobile phone. Is it possible to download another app for him on my phone ? Apart from him not coming with me (!), any suggestions??


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I would think that once it is downloaded I won’t be able,to download it again for him ….
It will suffice for both if you are together.
can you log on as 2 different people on the ap?
In any case, can't you get them to send you a paper version?
If you are asking regarding proof of vaccination. He can get a paper version.

Details here
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Thanks everyone, you have all been very helpful x
You can use the app for two different people on the same phone but you will need two different e-mail addresses. You can either log in to each one separately or you can use the app to download a .pdf version of each certificate on to your phone.
If you have an Android phone you can easily create a second use profile. It takes less than 10 seconds to switch between the two. Create a new email address in the new profile, download the app and log him in.
It is just lie having two separate phones in one device.

You cannot create a second user profile in an iPhone.

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Covid App … No Mobile Phone

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