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youngmafbog | 08:36 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | News
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Oh dear oh dear oh dear: Labour, not the Tories, were the REAL villains of the child sexual abuse scandal

What makes it worse is this is such a sensitive and serious topic.


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Damn savages...
Not sure this is anything new, just the Daily Mail rehashing the story in the Evening Standard in 1993 which resulted in the Ian White Report.
Child sexual abuse is a hideous evil.Please don't try and make it a political thing which it isn't
I don't see the point of politicisng sexual abuse (though it's no more than I'd expect of Lawson): you know perfectly well it's not the preserve of any one party
. . . and it was Tory Thatcher who knighted Jimmy Savile.

It is indeed not a topic which needs politicising.
Canary //. and it was Tory Thatcher who knighted Jimmy Savile.//
No it wasn't, it was the Queen.
Nit picking
//Nit picking//

No, just the truth.
sort of, Mozz, the Queen wields the sword but the list of recipients comes from the government. Savile was undoubtedly chummy with Thatcher.

I'm not suggesting Thatcher knew about his activites when his name went forward; but then Lawson can't claim that Corbyn knew who was a paedophile either. I think it's unwise to weaponise paedophilia like this.

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