True Sportsmanship

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Canary42 | 16:47 Sun 01st Aug 2021 | News
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After matching jumps they were offered a jump-off but agreed to share the Gold.

Well done guys, sportsmanship wins out for a change.


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Here in fact is what might have happened:

"A jump-off can occur when there is a tie, as was the case on Sunday night. It results in the bar being lowered to the previous height both jumpers cleared. Each athlete gets one jump, and the bar is alternately lowered and raised to a different height each time until the first person fails to clear the bar."

But, the rules now state that athletes can pass on a jump-off.
I really don't understand the hullabaloo about this: both from the pro and the anti. It seems, as I've said several times, now, a perfectly fair outcome. Joint first gets you first place, fair enough Neither though do I see how "sportsmanship" comes into it.
I think it's cool that they did it though.
//Hmmmm. Lol. They should all have agreed to stop halfway. Everyone would ha e got gold... that really would be sporting :-)//

Why go that far? Just give all entrants a gold medal and have done with. Save a lot of money and aggro - just send them our through the post. :-)
If all 8 did false starts in a 100m final would they all get gold or would none be awarded
They'd all be disqualified.

Next daft question :-)
newjudge gave me the idea
// es, very sporting, but to me there is only one Gold Medal winner.// that would be mrs sqad, you r dear wife
I'm not sure it's sportsmanship. More wanting to keep a gold medal rather than risk turning it into a silver one I'd have thought.
It appears that the arrangement suits them both. It does not seem right and the athletic official OKed it without consultation. In this arrangement both won and there was not a loser. Cosy wasnt it.

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True Sportsmanship

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