Kebabs For Jabs?

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Bobbisox1 | 11:11 Sun 01st Aug 2021 | News
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Why should they be ‘bribed’ to get the vaccine, if they haven’t had it !it means they don’t want it !!!
And that’s surely where it should stop?


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I heard this on the radio this morning and nearly spat my coffee out !! Only I heard they were offering them pizza. Do people really think that someone not committed to the jabs will be swayed by the offer of free pizzas or kebabs ?? Bloody ridiculous in my opinion. When are we just going to let all this drop and LIVE with the virus, like we do with the flu virus and just...
13:49 Sun 01st Aug 2021
Doesn't seem fair to me, some young people have had it already, they haven't been rewarded for having it. And anyway when it comes down to it surely it should be a personal choice, not subject to bribery (I had mine, I don't like kebabs anyway)
Our Mr Swann is giving £100 vouchers about September to everybody to make sure they have the jabs.

What a lot of money which could be used in the National Health since nurses have been called back to hospitals as I believe 6 in NI died last week. I honestly feel sorry for those with all kinds of illnesses that need operations.
Trouble is people who don't have the vaccine can have an impact on others
I prefer the stick to the carrot - 6 months solitary confinement each time they turn down the offer of a jab (with limited exceptions).

These quislings are offering succour (and the opportunity to develop new variants) to the enemy in the war against Covid.
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I’m all for getting jabbed and I have been but let’s not forget we are a democracy here and everyone has a choice, we may disagree with it but nonetheless, they have their choice and bribery shouldn’t enter the equation
Apparently in Israel you need to prove you have been vaccined to enter clubs, events etc. or a recent negative PCR test. If you have not been vaccined you have to pay for the test yourself. Hit them where it hurts, their pockets.
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That’s more in keeping with it Sam although I’m against Passport vaccines in all but travel here
Israel has created a two tier society, just like Boris is trying to do. We were a democracy but not any more.
Seems eminently sensible to me and certainly worth a try.

The end in this case justifies the my opinion.
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// We were a democracy but not any more.//
It feels that way because of the stringent rules we’ve had to abide by in the last 17+ months, but then we’ve never had to deal with a pandemic of such magnitude cashier
/// we are a democracy here and everyone has a choice, we may disagree with it but nonetheless, they have their choice ///

Not in wartime (and we are at war, against a far more deadly enemy than the Nazis). OK, the jab will harm a few. But, to take just one example of wartime tactics, did the people of Hayling Island have any choice in WW2 when masses of lights were displayed on the island to draw Nazi Bombers away from Portsmouth Dockyard which was in blackout.
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Sqad , bribing people isn’t the way forward , that’s my opinion ;0)
I know your opinion bobbi.
I would use the word entice rather than bribe. -;)
/// bribing people isn’t the way forward , that’s my opinion ///

Mine too. That's just like Tory sleaze, backhanders for contracts.
I agree bobbi. As sam mentioned, pcr tests would make much more sense. More expensive and inconvenient, but the only realistic way forward. I would much rather be in a room of "negative" strangers, than double-vaxxed. Just for safety.
I know we have never had to deal with an epidemic of this magnitude, but do you think we will get the restricted personal freedoms back? You've cited a perfect example of no. Needing proof to go in pubs and night clubs? Being coerced in to having an injection you might not want. No we are not a democracy.
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I can’t answer that because I don’t know cashier, one hopes when we eventually get out of this altogether that normal service will resume
One thing I hadn't realised, until very recently, is that apart from being more likely to be asymptomatic- and merrily passing it round without knowing... vaccinated people get different symptoms, the most common being sneezing. Which is unusual in non-vaxed people and also the quickest way to pass it on (possibly the one time where face-coverings might actually help).
I am very pro-vax, for those who want it- but I'm not convinced it benefits anyone other than the erm... vaccinee.
"A far more deadly enemy than the Nazis"

As a great man once said, 'righto'.
Actually, covid doesn't "want" to kill us. That's no benefit to a virus that needs passing on. Hopefully, it will evolve.. and manage to infect without too much damage, like other surviving viruses do.

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