Kebabs For Jabs?

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Bobbisox1 | 11:11 Sun 01st Aug 2021 | News
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Why should they be ‘bribed’ to get the vaccine, if they haven’t had it !it means they don’t want it !!!
And that’s surely where it should stop?


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I heard this on the radio this morning and nearly spat my coffee out !! Only I heard they were offering them pizza. Do people really think that someone not committed to the jabs will be swayed by the offer of free pizzas or kebabs ?? Bloody ridiculous in my opinion. When are we just going to let all this drop and LIVE with the virus, like we do with the flu virus and just...
13:49 Sun 01st Aug 2021
You can choke to death, have a heart attack, food poisoning, an allergic reaction ... loads of ways of dying from pizza. And as for kebab ...
"Britain set to offer 32 million 'booster' shots, starting early next months according to reports"

//"Britain set to offer 32 million 'booster' shots, starting early next months according to reports"//

Yes I'm expecting an Uber to be sent round to pick up Mrs NJ and me, wait whilst we're jabbed, and then stop off at the kebab house on the way back. And a £25 M&S voucher each.
// //Of course, 'adults' is undefined .// NJ cd this be Ld Sumption? oh Lordy lordy - keep judges away from stats that's what I say

chrissakes: projected population figures for the UK for 2018 (or as near to present as possible) for every adult (defined as 18 plus) in the UK. ONS
"Pfizer and Moderna raise EU Covid vaccine prices
Calls for booster shots and spread of more infectious variants underpin demand for products"

bobinwales @ 13.52:
//Chances of being very ill or dying from covid are much higher.//

What a load of cobblers! Everything you've said on here about Covid in the last 18 months bob, has been alarmist with an element of the Emperors' New Clothes. If you are an adult without any major illness, you have more chance of being hit by a meteorite than dying of Covid. It's the old, the weak, the infirm who have borne the brunt of Covid because they weren't protected in the first place. Masks, SD, handwash etc have done nothing to protect people. Just ask the relatives of the 130,000 who've died when all of that was compulsory.
I'm not going to have the booster, three vaccinations for one disease in under a year is way too much for me ! Mind you, if they offer me a free pepperoni pizza every week for a year, I might just reconsider ...
I would have the booster.
Or I'd consider a meat feast pizza too.
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I’ll take the booster too
10 Clarion St

the only thing true about 10C's - is that he says a disease that has no mortality whatsoever is responsible for 130 000 deaths

yes it is that harmless, folks !
"Hospital figures for Covid cases ‘misleading’"

Indeed, over 23% 'misleading'.;ct=clnk&gl=uk

Where were all the statisticians ? Can we be sure many of these figures we were presented during the deadliest hospital phases were accurate ?
// /Chances of being very ill or dying from covid are much higher.//
What a load of cobblers!

currently - 21,900 cases wiv roughly 24 deaths ( yeah yeah I know) which is one in a thousand
and the death rate from vacca is 24 in a billion I think

honestly the data is out there

for us the increds low death rate from covid is due to vacca - way over 90% in those over 60.
I agree you / anyone can say these stats are wrong
or have been manipulated with a view to deceive

Trump: I won the election I just need the votes to show it....
Sorry, I thought a cached Telegraph page would beat the paywall ( if you use jim360 trick of hitting 'esc' key as the page is loading, it does load)

From that page:
"One in four patients classed as a Covid hospitalisation is being treated for other reasons, official data reveal, prompting claims that the public has been misled.

For the first time, the NHS national stocktake establishes how many patients categorised as Covid hospitalisations had another primary cause of admission. The data shows that of 5,021 patients this week classed as hospitalised by Covid, 1,166 were admitted for other reasons. "
A bit lame Canary - one discounted burger/kebab or pizza is hardly likely to make an impact on obesity.
It's more to do with what's seen as an appropriate reward for getting vaccinated, Mamya ... something that they're trying to get you to eat less of.
Fair comment, hopefully other companies will join in the scheme.
Celery-U-Like, maybe ...

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Kebabs For Jabs?

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