Kebabs For Jabs?

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Bobbisox1 | 11:11 Sun 01st Aug 2021 | News
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Why should they be ‘bribed’ to get the vaccine, if they haven’t had it !it means they don’t want it !!!
And that’s surely where it should stop?


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I heard this on the radio this morning and nearly spat my coffee out !! Only I heard they were offering them pizza. Do people really think that someone not committed to the jabs will be swayed by the offer of free pizzas or kebabs ?? Bloody ridiculous in my opinion. When are we just going to let all this drop and LIVE with the virus, like we do with the flu virus and just...
13:49 Sun 01st Aug 2021
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Now Roy, that indeed could be a BA also ;0))
Whether it's free food or a cinema ticket, if the current 67% (app) of 18-29 year olds being vaccinated is further boosted then that's fine by me.

//In Moscow, authorities have set up a prize draw and have been handing out five cars a week.//

"If that means businesses offering incentives or bribes if you prefer to the undecided or the ditherers then surely that's no bad thing."

It is commercially in business interests to offer these enticements.

Your 'NHS COVID Pass letter' should enable you to partake of the free delights offered:
royfromaus //Anyone who can be bribed with a kebab needs to take a serious look at where they are in life.//

Large or small, roy?
Roy, worrying isn’t it.
Of course other foods are available
One would have to be in a particularly cussed frame of mind to think otherwise, Naomi. (imo)
^Oops, wrong thread.
16:12 give it to him Bobbs, give it to him ! I don't mind lol lol .....
Question Author
Nah, I stand by my BA :0)
The BBC are reporting [ 2nd Aug 2021] that the government are claiming more than 88% of adults have had a first vaccine dose and more than 78% are fully vaccinated.
Of course, 'adults' is undefined .
I think they are including the 18-29 year old age group in that overall figure.
//Of course, 'adults' is undefined .//

And the percentage quoted should also be qualified by "..the percentage of adults we know to be living in the country." Because one thing is for sure, the authorities here have absolutely no idea how many people live here. Not even to the nearest million.
We'll never know the true population but even if your right it would hardly change the %age newjudge even if it was a million which I doubt very much
And that’s surely where it should stop?
this is not a freedom that has no effect on anyone else. in fact it has, and if the young'un infects an old - he may kill them

Two weeks ago Little Johnny tested positive and was send home from school. Obviously everyone who had contact has to self isolate I was already isolating re my cateract op in Aug. Well we thought everything was ok but Hubby and me tested positive. Doctor says if we hadn’t had the vaccination if would have been much worse and I can tell you it was bad. - from Lulubella aged 74

Know - all PP comments
This was doubtless Delta and the vaccine "old" - I thought pbeing positive was near to impossible, and was not aware that a modified minor course could commonly occur. Lulubell is immuno suppressed
No harm in trying it at this stage as normal methods of rationale explanation dont seem to work. It might make a small difference. If they didnt try it people would say why arent they trying harder just like the critisism about not doing enough to persuade BAME people or deliver it to there homes
The Mirror only used kebabs tho' because it rhymes with jabs. Theres a range of goodies/vouchers being lined up
Bribery can never be right, bobbin. Education and information and choice.
PP, this is a genuine question- as vaccinated people still get it and pass it around, how will you know who is a risk to you, without testing? This isn't like MMR, where you become immune and so protect others around you too. This seems to mostly minimise symptoms in the person themselves?
//Bribery can never be right, bobbin. Education and information and choice.//
Well I used to give blood and was enticed by the free cup of tea and biscuits, was that bribery.
What you call a bribe is an incentive /nudge to me. If it encourages someone to get off there playstation for an hour to come and get a jab surely its a win win
What if they died? How much personal responsibility would you be prepared to take, if you persuaded... an ABer, say... to have a vaccine and they died? All, none, some?
This is healthcare.

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Kebabs For Jabs?

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