Illegal Immigrant Kills Pedestrian With Bike

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Stickybottle | 15:25 Thu 29th Jul 2021 | News
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Should not have been here in the first place
How sad for the victims family
Will the Albanian be deported afterwards ?


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That poor gentleman.

He certainly should be deported.
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He should be, but probably won't !! I can't begin to imagine the way the family of this poor man will be feeling, if that POS hadn't been allowed to stay, which he shouldn't have, their much loved family member would still be here with them. Sickening.
Will the Albanian be deported afterwards ?
he's unlikely to be in prison for more than a few weeks. time on remand (just under a year) will be deducted, and he'll be released after 50% has been served.
damn savage should never see the light of day again.
He should have got a lot longer prison sentence and yes, he should be deported.
deleted post - ALBANIANS - I'll say no more!
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He’ll be kept in relative comfort with three square meals a day here , kick him out , let the Albanians deal with him!

So sad for the man and his family who are left to pick up the pieces
o god TUS in full spate

he will be a candidate for deportation and it will be decided accoerding to the rules

yeah foo but I hope they pull his fingers nails out beforehand
Apologies sticky, hadn’t seen your post yesterday
Should of said didn’t realise it was about the person, I’ll get mine removed
Bobbi. your post has been removed.
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Peter Pedant
o god TUS in full spate

Who let PP get the crayons out again ?

No problem Bobbisox
Hos utterly disgusting that he may be released today, God only knows how this will affect his loving family.
^ Obviously, I mean the family of the man who died.
Shirley, this is the family's opinion:-
//"That kind of cowardice is beyond contempt. The anger we feel towards him is beyond words. We cannot even bear to say his name,"//

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Illegal Immigrant Kills Pedestrian With Bike

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