Woman Attacked At Speakers Corner.

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webbo3 | 09:33 Thu 29th Jul 2021 | News
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"counter-terrorism officers are leading the investigation into a knife attack at Speaker’s Corner on a woman wearing a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt."

"Scotland Yard said the incident, in which the woman was slashed in the head, was not “being treated as terrorism-related at this time”."

\\The Met said: “A number of people witnessed the incident and took mobile phone footage. We would ask those people to contact police and tell us what they know, if they have not already done so.”//

\\The investigation is now being led by the Met’s SO15 Counter Terrorism Command, the force said on Monday.//

So, is it terror related or not, and with all these witnesses there is no description of the attacker, why not,? surely this person needs catching as he/she may strike again.


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Would a description help? If it for example said they were white male aged 30 wearing jeans or brown skinned male age 20 wearing a hoodie, would that help as it covers so many people.
Agree that the "not being treated as terrorism" bit seems odd to say
It's the lady that Tommy R took flowers and chocolates to when she was attacked previously. (by Islamist scum)
He was arrested, much to the hilarity of some ABers.
Damn savage etc.
//Agree that the "not being treated as terrorism" bit seems odd to say //

All in the cause of social cohesion.
Dreadful, but I wonder why she was wearing the C.H. shirt, was it to be deliberately provocative?
^ Joke, khandro?
I am so impressed by your intuitive ability Spicerack.
I must admit some of your post supply me with just as much hilarity as other peoples do for you.
Wish I was as knowledgeable as you seem to think you are
there are certain words that turn ABers brains to mush

Tarmy R - - Terrorism - - SO15 makes ABers scream o my god will we be murdered in our beds again tonight ?

Man kicks dog - you have to face it may not be terrorism
Man stabs man in briston at night - may not be terrorism related

I thought it was a bit odd - 5 days later - this was over the week end innit - they police say - did anyone photo it? - - bit slow
Hardly a story for hilarity.
If someone could embed the above vid, i'd be grateful. It does show the attack from 2 different viewpoints, neither of which would be of much use to the police as the attacker is wearing a facemask and hood.
Any good?
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I'm signed up to Youtube, Spice, so i can watch the videos. Not sure if that applies to all?
Question Author
The better angle is shown in the video put up by myself and spice if you can see it.
What does a 'Charlie Hebdo t-shirt' mean, does it portray one of the infamous cartoons?
Question Author
another view, read the comments.
where are the comments, webbo?

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Woman Attacked At Speakers Corner.

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