So Betty Can Change The Laws

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Canary42 | 08:57 Thu 29th Jul 2021 | News
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So Betty can change the laws - for her own benefit. So much for the "figurehead only" claim. And what will super-Green sonny Charlie think.


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We're all in this together - surely?

So much for Johnsons 'levelling up'.
Anyone can challenge laws (given the money)

What exactly are you and the Scottish thief accusing her of?
Successful lobbying.
Damn savage - bring back the guillotine!
Neither Betty nor her lawyers as changed the law though so your post is incorrect. They raised concerns and the Scottish goverment agreed to the change, so best you can say is she influenced it in some way
Another storm in a teacup from Canary.
There's obviously a difference between a citizen challenging a law in Court, or via writing to their MP etc, and Her Majesty lobbying privately, behind-the-scenes, in a manner that is neither open nor even challengeable. I'm generally supportive of the monarchy, but not when it interferes with legislative matters.
Probably nothing to do with the Queen, just her lawyers doing their job properly, ie looking after their clients interests.
// I'm generally supportive of the monarchy, but not when it interferes with legislative matters. //

They haven't interfered in legislative matters. Her lawyers have raised concerns and those concerns have been considered.
Mikey used to call the queen 'Betty'. Very disrespectful.
That misses the point. The Crown has several privileges when it comes to vetting or influencing legislation that almost everybody else does not. This is part of the Constitution, and while to some extent it has become a mere formality, it still is the case that the Crown can see and even shape legislation before Parliament even sees it. In this particular case, the Crown has been able to carve out a sole exemption to a policy that should apply universally, and in particular has been able to do so even before anybody else knew that the Bill existed.

That's a power that is a historical hangover from a time when the Monarchy was relevant to shaping and passing legislation. Nowadays, such matters are or ought to be at most formality, but there's no guarantee beyond convention of this.
Also, because this occurred before the Bill was put before the Scottish Parliament, it might well be wondered what would have happened had the exemption not been granted. It seems quite reasonable to infer that this exemption was seen as necessary to obtain the Queen's Consent, which means in turn that the Bill would not even have been put before Parliament without it. If so, that's troublesome, because it's a de facto veto over legislation.
HM did not change the law, the Scot "Parliament" did, try and learn some things canary.
No law was changed. A proposed bill was amended after consultation. Amendments to propsed legislation are commonplace, that's why they are discussed as bills before they become acts. The fact that the Queen will be exempt from compulsory purchase orders on her private estates does not affect anyone else. It is just another cheap dig at the crown.
^^ 'proposed'.
Throw another Duchy biscuit on the fire, mama.
They should never have restored Charles II to the throne.
God save the Queen. And her gardens.
// So Betty can change the laws - for her own benefit//
usual AB bolloo
read the article
I have nothing at all against individual members of the royal family (except maybe Andrew). They were born into it and had no choice but the institution of Monarchy is wrong and should be abolished. End of (as they say).

I'm constantly surprised that HM, Charles & William can't see that their reign is an anachronism that must be ended.

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So Betty Can Change The Laws

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