Sebastian Shemirani .... Remarkable Young Man......

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ToraToraTora | 17:47 Mon 26th Jul 2021 | News
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How can such a complete nut job give birth to such a level headed intelligent young man? Imagine how strong he must be to resist her brainwashing as he grew up, impressive.


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I can't see it all. But there's no such thing as "brainwashing", he's an adult and able to think for himself. She taught him that much.
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pixie, people are not born as adults you know!
I watched him in interview last year - he's done well to survive.
I know. Not what I said, either.
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pixie: It's exactly what you said, why are you starting of having a go at me rather than the post ?
He's an impressive young man & is quite right about his mother, she needs a quiet, soft-walled room to meditate in.
Pixie, of course people can be brainwashed. Indoctrination as a child doesn't magically disappear at 16.
there is one in America - - my marm is mad - dont listen to her
I am pretty sure it is not this guy

'so deep in their conspiracies, that they cannot see a way out...'
I think pixie simply means there was no lasting damage in this area at least
Your OP suggested brainwashing- as if a child wasn't likely to have different opinions. I'm honestly not having a go- zI just know you aren't as ignorant as you like to make out. It would be forgivable, if you were stupid x
Not possible, mozz. Children learn attitudes, behaviour and so on... but not necessarily agreeing with facts. Indoctrination isn't brainwashing.
what's the difference between indoctrination and brainwashing, pixie? They mean much the same thing to me.
Indoctrination is teaching people over time to accept something without criticising or thinking about it. Usually runs out by adulthood, unless there is a real problem.
Brainwashing is forcing someone to believe something against their own will. Nobody has ever ever succeeded, although millions have tried (particularly in the army).
A remarkable young man indeed, TTT. I have a sister very similar to Sebastian's mother.

I wish my nephew had been as resistant to the brainwashing of his upbringing. He is now as mad and dangerous as my sister.
Are you sure they aren't genetically related, gness?
No...just crazy, Pixie....delusional with a pathetic need to be looked at and listened to.
She may have been a good mother when he was growing up, and gone mad fairly recently.

The pandemic seems to have had that effect on some people.
well, that's the thing, pixie: if brainwashing doesn't succeed, it's just indoctrination?

I wonder how many ABers vote differently from their parents?
Or have any different views... anyway, thanks for trying jno :-). I think the purpose was outrage, more than truth, so... Will leave them to it... x
// wonder how many ABers vote differently from their parents?//
you would need a huge sample for this

altho you should have paired data - con-con, con-lab, lab-con lab-lab

you could just have same, different , smw same
coin tossing
and then you cd test to see if the coin were not true - too many sames or too many differences - BUT the natural variation is huge
only two thirds of natual variations is gonna be between 85-115

( that is just about any answer you get you would have to say this could be naturalk variation and the coin is unbiassed ) - - [bored]

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Sebastian Shemirani .... Remarkable Young Man......

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