Over 22,000 Migrants Expected. What To Do?

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david small | 17:38 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | News
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Border Force is braced for 22,000 migrants to cross the Channel in small boats this year with thousands more expected to be smuggled over in lorries.

More than 8,900 migrants have already reached Britain after making the 21-mile journey across from France, exceeding last year’s record total.

From the Sunday Times


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I see a specially trained sqad of gendarmes raided a beach at Calais today and found three pairs of socks and instructions on how to inflate a rubber dingy, also footprints on the sand Now thats what I call money well spent Boris. Barmy.

I opened a thread yesterday - "Where's Clouseau When You Need Him?" with the above report included. The thread gathered nought but tumbleweed :-)

Perhaps it will have a little more relevance in this thread?
The problem with my idea though Danny, is what to do with the ones who don’t have the criteria to be a ‘legal ‘ immigrant ?
They cleverly dispose of any IDs they may have had which renders them as displaced giving the authorities no clue from where they came from, they depend on the pitybshown by this country by putting babies and children in those flimsy dinghies with them
Time to mine the channel. ;-)

It's beyond me why we're paying the French however many millions it is to stop the migration, when they are clearly swigging their Chianti, munching on a escargot baguette and providing them with footpumps and puncture repair kits.
Britannia rules the waves...... not any longer ..... Seems like a story out of Boys own, now.
Cant your mam not employ a few thousand of these economic migrants in her chip(deep fried Mars bars)shop,Gullible?
I can well imagine Boris in the middle of the channel sat in a dinghy, going around in circles rudderless without Dominic telling him which way to steer. ha ha.
15.44 You on the pop again Nafy ?.
Mozz - they definitely won't be 'swigging Chianti' - it's not French.
Jordy, I'm not getting invited to any wine tasting events am I? (I prefer cider!)
And along with that pass laws to stop pond life lawyers like Cherie Blairs chums using tax payers money to overturn the will of the people.

Amend the HRA to make it more biased to the victim (us the tax payer) and less to the criminal (The illegal immigrant) and withdraw from the ECHR.
youngmafbog, the greasy Blair saw £sd when he threw open our borders in 2004 , he and Cherie must have discussed it over cocoa one night
‘Tell you what darling, what say I open up our borders and you can earn oodles of cash by representing the illegal ones, and the taxpayer can foot the bill’
‘ What a splendid idea Tone, why didn’t I think of that ?
Maybe we should be cracking down on the smugglers telling them stories about wor, hotels and vaccines.
Roy I assume Aus would welcome boat loads of people alleging to be refugees,escaping from Terror,Genocide,Victimisation,Persecution and Fear for their lives,there is a procedure for claiming asylum,it doesn’t include paying people traffickers,or trying to sail in,under darkness,with no identities,no proof of who they are,where they are fleeing from,and how they come to have the latest technology,the refugees I have seen,barely have rags on their backs.
@15.51.Nah,just loving winding you up , and yer sticky fingered keyboard.
Nafy'18.58, You will have to try a lot harder than you do to wind me up sunshine .Judging by most of your posts you would have trouble winding up a clock.
@19.17.Nah,winding you up is a lot,lot more easier than winding up a clock.Get used to it ,stickyfingers.
ynnafymmi, the more people that don’t respond to Gully, the better, he gets off on what he does
//ynnafymmi, the more people that don’t respond to Gully, the better, he gets off on what he does//

That explains the sticky keyboard.

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