Over 22,000 Migrants Expected. What To Do?

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david small | 17:38 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | News
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Border Force is braced for 22,000 migrants to cross the Channel in small boats this year with thousands more expected to be smuggled over in lorries.

More than 8,900 migrants have already reached Britain after making the 21-mile journey across from France, exceeding last year’s record total.

From the Sunday Times


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This is tantamount an invasion and should be addressed as such. No shots fired, but an invasion by deliberately entering our shores to garner the resources that we desperately need for our own people.
I'll be honest, I did hope that Brexit would stop illegals coming over (bit naieve I know) and it obviously wasn't the only reason I voted out, but it seems to me that the matter is getting worse and worse !!
For one thing I think the old mantra of "rescue from the sea" at all costs needs to be ditched. If these folks deliberately put themselves at risk they should be prepared to take the consequences and not rely on being rescued. No way should UK navy & lifeboats be taking aboard illegal immigrants.
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We are being shafted by a hamstrung government that deliberates, pontificates, and ties itself in knots by its own legislation. The will, the effort, the courage, are lacking. Why we as a people tolerate such inadequate ineptitude boggles a mind already resigned to the incompetence of the so called leadership.
I won't be voting for them again.
What they need is another HMP Weare, any that get here are sent straight there to have their asylum claims processed.
They should get the navy out there, fire a few shots and scare them off. Then, one plane at a time, get ride of all those that are taking up hotel rooms up and down the land partaking of 3 square meals a day at the expense of the British taxpayer when their are children in this country living in poverty.

No wonder they're all scrambling to get here!
I remember the days when posters on this site predicted just this and the "wits" poured scorn and ridicule on the notion. If I remember correctly again we were called the usual names and "advised" to show a little compassion for the unfortunate dahhlings who just wanted to help us out. Make the deliberately under predicted 22,000 this year, a 5,000,000 total in the next decade a prediction and they will scream "alarmist" or worse. Then postulate that this figure will treble with the right to "family life" and the said "family" duly being granted their you man rites waved through by our courts with the connivance of the lawyers and allowed to move in and make their gleeful claims. That is how many there have been in the last few decades. No worries about "overwhelming" our precious enaichess there then. Or our schools, or our housing capabilities, or our ability to feed ourselves.
Good job we have a Tory Government who will sort out immigration.
That is why we voted for them - right?
Yep never happened under our Tony did it Gromit!
We must thank Boris that we left the EU and he didn’t get the 76 million Turks he said were coming here.
Hail Boris, Hail Priti.
Thank god Corbyn didn’t get in, we would have had uncontrolled immigration, and thousands of the dusky *** drifting onto our shores.
The UK is the promised land to these migrants. They think the streets of London are still paved with gold, Governed by Ex Mayor of London Dick Johnson and his cat.
In theory the UK are buying migrants from France. The UK send millions of £s to France, and in return they send migrants to the UK . Boris must be bonkers .
Naomi, don't rise to his rubbish.Best to stay silent.
Perhaps Sturgeon,Lineker,Lily Allen,Bob Gobs***e can take them in.After all,all of them promised they would.
Danny it would be a good idea for us all to turn a deaf ear to Gullys ramblings, I agree

back to the OP, we should commision a ship and keep it in deep waters, then fly immigration officers out to go through the reasons why they want to be in the UK, then sift the genuine ones from the economic ones
Not a bad idea Bobbi.It would be better though if the French did their bit to stop them setting off.
Perhaps if Boris doubled the tax payers money he gives to France, they might do him a deal and send him double the migrants.

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Over 22,000 Migrants Expected. What To Do?

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