Anti-Vaxxer Rally…Creepy?

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sp1814 | 17:08 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | News
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When anti-vaxxer rallies begin to look like
The Nuremberg Rally, should we be concerned:

If not, why not?


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// According to the Gov. (MHRA) 1,500 people have died shortly after an adverse reaction to the Covid vaccine since Nov2020 in this country . // This is at best highly misleading. I didn't make anything up. I won't claim to have performed a fully comprehensive review of all available data regarding...
20:13 Sun 25th Jul 2021
Why do they need a rally? If they don't want the vaccine, don't have it.
^Quite! Some odd comments there though.
is this June or one today?
twitter feed off
This looks like it might be what sp1814 wanted us to see:
SP, do you subscribe to the view (in that post) that the rally is an establishment backed protest, advocating for Boris’ preferred herd immunity strategy?
Hi Mushie!
as a trained anthropologist I wanted your opinion on some thread here....and now cant remember....

The herd immunity thing (political) is on the wane. Whether or no, you can model it and say - that is when pandemic's end ( almost everyone has had it) - there seems no sign of that in Covid and as a result Boris et al have gone quiet

( I mean that IS how measles epidemics end)

Refusal and hesitancy ( saying they wont turn up and then not turning up ) does seem to have stuck at 30% - and may be community wide
there are only about 20
Nuremburg slightly more I think

certainly not establishment backed - there is a sign - Vaccines dont work when ....


vaccines dont work when you dont give them ! ( my words not theirs)
Question Author

No...I really don't.
Presumably Jeremy Corbyns less mentally challenged brother will be there leading the fight against common sense...
What concerns ME is Boris trying to blackmail the 18 to 30 year olds into having the vaccine by threatening them with passports to get in to nightclubs and other large venues unless they participate ! I suspect that is why they are protesting.
sullen teenagers sulking about a jab

as Connie Rodgers used to say to us aged 6 ( 1957)
oh get into the little room you stupid duffer!

(she also used to lock small children in cupboards) Connie? our primary skool teacher - and then we went onto Bridport Convent which I thought was OK but if the nuns didnt like you ( common occurrence apparently) - if only there were around now there would be no hesitancy !
These loonies were protesting long before that was suggested, Shirley.
Question Author
That's what the protest is about today though.
That woman is over the top of course she is, but they are not all like that and people have the right to protest.
// Former nurse Kate Shemirani - who was struck off in June - says Covid vaccines are "Satanic", citing "the pattern 060606". The graphine oxide single-molecule sheet "is a conductor", she adds.//

oh Gawd! - There are a few trump flags, but I cant see the guy with bullhorns
This is her SP, she and Piers Corbyn make a fine pair.
What a charmer!

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