So You're Not Going To Get Covid If

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royfromaus | 08:23 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | News
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you have these vaccinations.

Good news eh?


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Which vaccinations , Pfizer ,AstraZeneca,Maderna ?

I hope not
Question Author
Joe didn't specify a particular vaccine.
Who’s Joe? Biden?
I’m having to second guess without a link Roy
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Yes, the most powerful man on the planet spreading misinformation.

It's a pity it was Trump spreading this horse ***...I would get 100+ replies to this thread.
Absolute batsh.t crazy!

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^ wasn't
You're right, roy.
Wish someone had told my cousin that! Both vaccinations and she was very ill for 10 days with Covid
Interesting, the msm twisted Trumps word and social media banned him for things that now appear he was correct.

This lunatic says clearly incorrect information and it is largely ignored.

USA, what have you done?

I suspect we will see President Kamala very soon.
Had Trump said this, there’s many people on this site who would have been losing their minds with glee and rushing to their keyboards.

Silence now - funny that.
I miss Mr Trump and his gaffes :0(
Yes DD, amazing isnt it!
Trump should have got a second term. Hope he's back in 2024 !
Right oh!
At least he's not telling is to drink bleach or shine a very bright light up our jacksies :-J
.... and the US voted this guy in over Trump ...... God help them lol .....
Say what you like as long as you’re the right person saying it. If you’re the wrong person, beware. Unfortunately that’s the way of the disingenuous society ours has now become.
It’s incredibly quiet here.

Where’s the AB members who would have jumped on this if it was Trump?

They know who they are, and I can name them, but they’re conspicuous by their absence.

Hypocrisy isn’t a nice trait!

DD, indeed. Had this been Trump we'd have been into at least four pages of 'outrage' by now.
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As if the absurd claim (lie?) isn't enough, how is a man constantly spouting incoherent garble fit enough to be the ''leader of the free world''?

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So You're Not Going To Get Covid If

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