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Ric.ror | 19:30 Wed 21st Jul 2021 | News
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I’m not really a party political person (I’ve never voted Tory and was a member of Labour Party for over 40 years before Corbyn) but who do Tory voters think would be the best replacement for Boris when he decides to go? I can’t help but think Gove has a Machiavellian aura about him but has he the intellect.


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Probably Carrie Johnson.
19:41 Wed 21st Jul 2021
Probably Carrie Johnson.
It already is
I can't think of anyone to be fair.
I think Rishi Sunak seems to be personable & stain-free. Can't think another front runner.
yes, Sunak at the moment. He's been competent and undogmatic, while pretty well everyone else has been stupid or greedy or both.

Of course he doesn't need the money, his wife's already richer than the Queen.
I think the current health Secretary Sajid Javid would make a good leader
I think Rishi would make a good PM
As unpopular as he is, and it has to be said he is very uncharismatic, but Gove has a towering intellect, he’s a fantastic orator, and he knows politics.

Unfortunately, he’s just not that likeable.
DD, he always reminds me of a Spitting Image puppet
I'd rather have Michael Gove than Rishi Sunak.
Sunak. Gove is a known turncoat and Carrie is already propounding her stuff. Sad to see what happened to Boris.
What I’m really really looking forward to, is Starmer being ousted and Rayner becoming leader of the Labour Party.

It would be comedy gold.

I hope it happens, but I suspect even the most swivel-eyed of Labour members would realise it would be a disaster (Google Mordaunt destroying her - it’s hilarious).

Although that said, they were stupid enough to allow the intellectual Pygmy Corbyn, so who knows.
Larry and Dilyn :-)
// I’m not really a party political person (I’ve never voted Tory and was a member of Labour Party for over 40 years. //

PMSL just voting fodder then.
^^^”I’ve always voted Labour because my dad did.”

I’ve got a friend who has voted because of that…the same fiend who I had to explain to what a hung parliament was.


I’m afraid I agree with one or two on this site that earning the vote goes beyond just being allowed to vote.
Why we talking the next Tory leader anyway?
Just idle chit-chat. There isn't going to be a vacancy for the foreseeable future. The next leader may well be someone we've never heard of as yet.
Very likely.
And it is the Tory way.
William Hague?
Iain Duncan-Smith?

No one saw then coming a year or two before never mind likely several

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