What Did You Make Of Cummings' Interview?

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Atheist | 20:54 Tue 20th Jul 2021 | News
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I thought he came across as a dangerous individual, kept on referring to 'we' as though he is part of a secret elite group of would-be unelected rulers of the country/world. Sinister. Nice to hear him slag off the blond weakling though. :-)


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Mixed feelings really.
I would not like to turn my back on him and would rather have him on my side, rather than opposing me, that's for sure.
However I thinkthat I agree with Cummings that Boris is not up to the job. You first have to get your Party into Government which Boris did and then you make the easy decisions and popular pronouncements whic Boris is good at.

Difficult decisions define a Prime Minister and this is where Boris fails and I would agree with Cummings.

Three P.M come to mind inmy lifetime as " good P.M's, Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.

Boris is not in the top league.
There is only one person to blame for Boris becoming PM and that is Theresa May. If she had had one tenth of the balls of Thatcher she would still be PM and Boris would be languishing on the back benches. Alas, when the hour of trial came she was found seriously wanting.
/came across as a dangerous individual/

Really? The man is a total odd ball but love him or loath him (I am not a fan) he is very clever. As for being unemployable I doubt that very much. One would have to be careful of him but carefully managed he could be very useful. Johnson's big mistake was to side with Carrie Antionette thus evoking the rage of Cummings. Johnson should have seen that coming, everyone else seemed to have seen it.
//Carrie Antoinette\\

I like it!
I think that Laura Kuenssberg is amazing.

Best thing to happen to the news since Kate Adie.
Cummings got one thing right when he said the Con MPs don't care about poor people or the NHS , they don't care about anything apart from looking after their rich friends. Think he means The Con Crony Club.,
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YMB; if he wasn't clever I wouldn't describe him as dangerous. Clever maniupator and thick manipulatee(s) spells danger.
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sp. I agree with your assessment of LK. The right wingers here regard her as a loonie leftie. Aren't people interesting! All very tribal - no respect at all for other views or outlooks; if you don't say what I want to hear then you are an enemy and nothing you say is to be given any credence.

What I liked about her interview style (and her technique generally) is that she asks the questions I'd like to ask. And she's absolutely fearless.

The Barnard Castle questions were perfect.
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sp; and when he kept smirking and referring to what "we" were up to, she asked him "who are these 'we'?" I don't recall him giving an answer to that.
I don't think Boris intentionally lies. He listens to his advisors and they also move the goal posts.

Cummings out and out lied to cover his breaking of the lockdown rules.

I also think he's creepy.
I have rarely come across anyone as sociopathic as Cummings. He finds it almost impossible to relate to humanity. He will end up like other advisers like Damian Macbride and Charlie Whelan of late and unlamented memory-a footnote in history.
It's a tough one. Do we support the clueless and lazy but likeable lying schemer, or the clever but sociopathic and unlikeable scheming liar.

I'd have a better opinion of Cummings if he'd just turned up for that first press conference on time.

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What Did You Make Of Cummings' Interview?

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