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eve1974 | 20:21 Thu 15th Jul 2021 | News
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There’s 2 clips. Each quite long. A summary: (white) shopper gets into altercation with (black) shopper / shop assistant.

Now (black) person has claimed it’s all racially motivated ….

Meanwhile from what I can see (from the clips) it’s a mentally unstable (white) lady who has been filmed and goaded (yes I used that loaded term intentionally) by the (black) lady.

No idea what led up to the video originally being filmed of course.

Questions :

1. why are so many altercations automatically labelled as racist - when it’s simply human beings (regardless of colour n creed) being idiots?

2. Why has there been a crowdfunding for the person filming but not the person being filmed? She may indeed be “damaged” and “in distress “ too.

3. Why do people think it’s ok to video without permission and post on social media?

4. Why is there not a racist furore when toward the end of vid 2 the hysterical woman is lumped together with other whites and referred to as “those people” ?

I admit this may cause some offence but I’m well n truly tired of the race card now.


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eve; why would you be interested in such rubbish?
Question Author
Lol I’m asking myself that same question.
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In fact the question should be why I watched both clips in entirety?
standard stuff, non Caucasians play the race card when they don't get their own way. Simples!
I've never seen it myself - is Yahoo a reliable, credible source of news? The item you've told us about sounds like something from Facebook!
3. because it is

1,2,and 4 are kindda unanswerable - why has there not been racist furore, why hasnt Biden spoken, why didnt Shakespeare write a scene for this in Othello? what is Meghan's opinion and is it long?

so many question and so many imponderables
Forget the colour element. It’s one group of people seeking an advantage over another group of people. Colour is the excuse used. It’s the haves and the have nots squabbling over recognition, respect, finances, position, acknowledgment. We are all able to alter our lives for the better, for many it’s just too much effort.
Morgan Freeman, Denzil Washington put it quite succinctly on several YouTube videos.
It must be awful for you being tired of the race card.

Imagine how awful it must be for those who deal with racism having to deal with those who ignore real racist incidents and instead focus their energies on what they think isn't evidence of racism?
You are so right. Racism is abhorrent and some people play the race card. But in this case the white woman did not want to be filmed and then had a panic episode. No offenses were committed.
we didn't see the bit before the blonde lady ran up to the lady with the camera ,half a story.

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“Karen” Clip

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