Unacceptable And Profoundly Regrettable

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choux | 22:05 Sun 11th Jul 2021 | News
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That is one almighty understatement. I would say it was unbelievable.
The poor man and his family. How could it happen in this day and age?


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Unbelievable. Poor bloke.
Absolutely tragic and sad that there was there no one who missed him.
when someone find the URL for report can they post it please

Poor kid - I wonder what the back-story is - - - 33 y of age,married with three kids and bullied ( and assaulted)
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Seems almost criminal to me. I cannot imagine how this could have happened.
I remember this case, heartbreaking - with all his complaints and previous history, much more care should have been offered.
a bit like Deep cut
it is not deep and its not important
I mean what is a roll-call for?

v diff for the family and also for close friends where it turns out that the dead man has announced his intention and been ignored
"he said he was gonna die and I fort-- --- nah he aint gonna do dat"
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This is the first I have heard of the case.
Peter, I suspect the back story makes for some very uncomfortable reading, to say the least.
Bodies decompose - surely someone would have noticed.

Not finding the body makes a bad situation worse for his family.
I dont know why I am so upset by this
poss all the delay and lack of care in Deepcut
and how nothing has changed

( and how little they cared about the young recruits )
dead young recruits
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Quite, I feel the same. There are so many cases of alleged or otherwise bullying, how can the army not be more vigilant?

It has taken so long - is this all there is?
pretty astonishing, isn't it. The US Marines supposedly say "no man left behind", but for an army to leave a man dead for three weeks and not even notice is crazy.

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Unacceptable And Profoundly Regrettable

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