Italy 1 - 2 England

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Sunk | 15:17 Sun 11th Jul 2021 | News
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Italy 2 England 0
dunno, we'll either win easily or lose in a shoot out after 0-0!
Italy 1 - England 3
Pick from the following -
England 1 Italy 1
Then penalty shootout

England 2 Italy 1
Or vice versa

Italy 2 - England 3
2-2 and England win on penalties.
England 3 - 2 Italy after 90 mins, no extra time needed.
I desperately want England to win, but I'm a pessimist.

Italy 2 - England 1
England 2, Italy 1, in extra time.

So far, I have only seen random bits of games, depending on which client I'm with and if they are watching. Tonight, I'm off, so walking round to one with a bottle of wine, to watch it with her.
That will be a lucky charm lol, as any time I watch, England get a goal.
Danny , you think penalties ? I hope no one asks Southgate for advice on taking a penalty . Lol .
Italy 1 - 0 England
Anne, the only reason I had even heard of him, was because I'm sure I remember him missing a penalty somewhere and swearing to himself :-)
4-2 either way,and i am in the money.Sorted.
1-1 in 90 mins, then England in ET or on pens - 5/1, 5/1 and 10/1. All of that hopefully with Sterling getting England's goal - 4/1 :-))
I don’t follow the round ball game an awful lot these days, but I have become drawn in to this tournament, and as much as I dearly want England to win, I’ve nasty feeling we won’t.

My depressing prediction is 1-0 - Italy score fairly early, and then they do what they’ve been so good at in years gone by, they become a team of 11 defenders and shut the shop.

I hope I’m wrong.
Realistically, I'm not optimistic- but also refusing to believe myself.
I think it will go to penalties
1 - 0 to England. Fingers crossed.
Makes no difference I still won't be able to afford that
little T Shirt in Poundland.

I was there in 1966, (even got the autographs of both teams)
still had to go to work next day
I've just had a Google to check for my client. Is it on both BBC and ITV? And if so, is either better?

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Italy 1 - 2 England

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