Should Stephen Benn

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davebro | 14:05 Sat 10th Jul 2021 | News
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be entering the Lords as Viscount Stansgate when his father Tony Benn had renounced the title?

It's not like it's a long-standing title - Tony's father being the first holder.

I think the Lords should be reformed & reduced anyway but this seems to me a pretty blatant abuse of the system. Stephen Benn has had a career as Director of Parliamentary Affairs to the Society of Biology & the Royal Society of Chemistry. I think that means he's a lobbyist but I stand to be corrected.


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the lords should be abolished and replaced with an elected upper chamber, end of.
Scrap the lot. Antiquated hangover from when our betters ruled the land and the labour. £200 a day paid for attendance only.
sadly though it's the politicians retirement home so it ain't going anywhere!
I agree with TTT and David.
This article is seven years old.
david small; "£200 a day paid for attendance only." Thought they got £300 per attendance? Have they voluntary taken a pay cut? TFIC.
Meanwhile, members of the House of Lords are not paid a salary, but they can claim a daily attendance rate of £323. Some choose to take a lower payment for attendance – currently £162 – or nothing at all. All these payments are tax-free.
I sit corrected Ken4155.
Question Author
"This article is seven years old."

Sorry about that Jack but it's in The Times today that he will be taking up a seat in the Lords.
Tony Benn disclaimed his title in 1963 which meant that it remained in suspension until his death in 2014, at which point the heir apparent (Stephen Benn) would inherit.

David Douglas-Home became 15th Earl of Home in 1995 upon the death of Sir Alec Douglas-Home, 14th Earl of Home who had similarly disclaimed his title in 1963.

Douglas Hogg became 3rd Viscount Hailsham in 2001 upon the death of Quintin Hogg, 2nd Viscount Hailsham who had also disclaimed his title in 1963.
Home disclaimed his peerage when he became PM. Hailsham disclaimed his shortly before in the hope of becoming PM, but it was not to be.
Question Author
I find it hard to accept that hereditary peerages were still being awarded in the 20th century. As it said in the paper - would you let someone untrained do dentistry on you just because his dad was a dentist!
Only three hereditary peerages have been created since 1964. William Whitelaw and George Thomas (speaker) were both made viscounts but neither had male heirs so the peerages died with them. The third was Harold Macmillan who was created Earl of Stockton 20 years after he had declined the customary earldom on retirement. The title is now held by his grandson.
"Only three hereditary peerages have been created..." - outside of the Royal Family.

The other four (wedding present) creations are:
1986 Duke of York
1999 Earl of Wessex
2011 Duke of Cambridge
2018 Duke of Sussex
what about Sir Mark Thatcher?
That is a baronetage, an hereditary knighthood but not a peerage. The title was invented by King James I which he promptly sold to all and sundry to replenish the royal coffers. Margaret Thatcher had her husband made a baronet so his son inherits the title.
Stephen Benn has not, to my knowledge, been involved in any coups n Africa. I'm far happier for him to inherit a title than for the "honourable" Mark.
Gosh jno, Mark will be upset when he hears that;-))
just as Benn will be upset to read this thread, ladybirder. However, he has an actual job, so he probably won't. However, I suspect Mark is twiddling his thumbs in Gibraltar and posting on AB under a username...
and getting into more trouble I expect.
the mods will be after him.

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