Chris Eubanks' Son Dies......

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10ClarionSt | 08:56 Sat 10th Jul 2021 | News
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............but no deatils on the cause of death.


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i read this earlier, how very sad, only 29 coming up to 30, sure the info will come out at some point....
Daily mail claims he drowned - found on a beach.
Saddedt thing is that he became a father only a few weeks ago. RIP.
Yes, I read that he was found drowned.
How hard for the family. A terrible time for them.
That is so sad.
Is that the lad who’s on gogglebox with him?
no zacs, that's his brother
Very sad news, too young. RIP Sebastian.
very sad my condolences to the family, hear breaking all around.
What heartbreak for all the family.
An awful tragedy to experience. My sincere condolences.
I wunder how he drowned? Undercurent? Weak swimmer or paraletic..
Very sad.
That is really sad.

My boss used to bodyguard Chris jnr.
said to have drowned on a beach in the UAE where he lived
I neither know nor care why and how he died (other than human curiosity) but my heart really goes out to his father. OH's daughter died from bowel cancer not all that long after we had got together and I would not wish the loss of a child, from whatever cause, on anyone - not even my worst enemy (I'm assuming that I have one). It is the worst.
Tragic. RIP Sebastian.

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Chris Eubanks' Son Dies......

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