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Hymie | 19:22 Thu 08th Jul 2021 | News
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7 days – Time it took then Conservative leader Michael Howard to sack Boris Johnson for lying about an affair after it was exposed in 2004.

2 days – Time it took Conservative leader Boris Johnson to lie about sacking Matt Hancock after his affair was exposed in 2021, having said he ‘considers the matter closed’.


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Bloody politicians,eh.Wasnt Corbyn(the anti-semite one)bedding Diane Abbott at one time?Did they both wear paper bags over their heads at the same time?
Fascinated to know how you connect your reply to the two cases mentioned in the OP.
There'll be mention of at least one of the following, shoehorned into the posts at some point.

SNP/Nicola Sturgeon/Alex Salmond/eejit English taxpayers/Glaswegians/Dundonians ...
I'll get the hang of this one day Corby ;-)
But he didn’t sack Hancock. He resigned
In a Committee meeting yesterday, he was asked three times if he had sacked Hancock and he refused to answer.
I do wonder if fans of Boris are quite happy with the exchange between Boris and the other MP ?
Much as I dislike Johnson these two cases are unrelated. Hancock went because his position became untenable after he was caught flouting rules he made and forced on the population.

Who Hancock pokes is not anyone's concern.
not entirely, ymb. There are still questions to be answered about how she got a parliamentary pass, and how she got a director's job at the Department of Health, and how her brother's company got a big health contract.

It may all be perfectly innocent, of course.
There are many questions I would like asked, mainly monetary orientated, of many of them jno.
I'd be unconcerned if politicians concentrated on secretaries, like Clinton, but the business of giving them publicy-funded jobs and government contracts does annoy me.
With you 100% on that one jno.

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Private Eye – Number Crunching

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