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saintpeter48 | 11:38 Thu 08th Jul 2021 | News
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I see the BBC have decided to satisfy the WOKE brigade with its selection of the host and team captains for the new series of QoS, Paddy McGuinness, Sam Quek and Ugo Monye.


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I am of the thought that the programme continue to deserve a presenter with a good sports background.
David Vine, David Coleman and Sue Barker were all of that ilk and the last 2 participated in sports.

I would prefer the humour that is always apparent in the programme to be sport-based. Time will tell if PMG can do that but he would not have been my choice.

I looked on the BBC and came across this photo which could have served as a desperate wanted poster ;)
I thought they’d ditched QoS. It used to be good, but the last few series were trying to be like A League of Their Own, only failing miserably. IMO.
just the usual bunch of heterosexuals then, very unrepresentative.
//Just confirms your ignorance of certain sports, NJ.//

I'm ignorant of most sports as far as the current participants go, ken. It's the presentation and hype that drives me crackers. Most sport is a fairly mundane affair. For example, watching eight people run a hundred metres is hardly rip roaring stuff, so I suppose it needs beefing up a bit. With one or two exceptions I find most sport mind numbing. I've just looked up the credentials of Paddy McGinty - seems ideal for the QoS job.
Paddy McGinty? Have they hired his goat as well?
He has 2 Jno, a special one for Sundays.
NJ - Then don't post.
A "deliberate faux pas", jno.
Saintpeter - quite frankly, your question, and by association your attitude, is why wokeism exists: to counter idiots. So assuming that retaining the status quo of two men/one woman is fine in your eyes, I guess the entire rationale of your question is that hiring a black sportsman to captain a team is woke.

Don't scold your fingers on that burning cross on your front lawn.

//NJ - Then don't post.//

Why not? Is the expression of total indifference not a valid viewpoint any more?

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