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When was the last time you were in Ireland?
well it would make life easier re the frontier agreement in Northern Ireland and that must have more impact than a few herring, mackerel and cod. However, the cause for unification would be seriously devalued, me thinks.....
If they've got an iota of sense - yes.

Ummmm, are TTT's visits to Ireland relevant to the question?
They actually voted against joining in the first place - but that was deemed the 'wrong' answer so the had to do it again until they got it right.
Question Author
ummm last January, My brother lives there. Can't see why it's relevant though.
The Irish people I know certainly do not want to leave, they all were amazed when I said I voted to leave.
(We still love each other though) ;)
I was just going to ask the same thing Naomi.
I hope to god this country would never be stupid enough to leave and from the chat around here we won't.

Of course you never know what the Dubs will think and unfortunately there are a lot of Dubs.
Question Author
so you are happy with the EUSSR walking all over you then gness? Funny you didn't seem to like it when it was England.
UK fishermen were promised a prosperous future when we left the EU. Sadly that hasn’t happened and they feel betrayed.

// The deal, he says, is the worst of all worlds. “It’s a complete sellout. It’s a betrayal. The deal we have got is lose-lose. We have got friction at the borders and they [EU fishing boats] have still got access to our waters.” Johnson has lost his support: “I can’t vote Conservative.” //

Ireland does very well in the EU. Even IF the fisheries deal is not good, they would not leave the EU over one issue. Many fishermen in Cornwall are regretting being part of the flotilla up the Thames in the Brexit campaign.
Walking all over me? How?
Have no idea what your second sentence is on about.
Used to love Dublin, Choux. I knew it quite well and was looking forward to introducing Dave to some of my favourite haunts.

That's changed over the last few years and especially since Covid arrived. My longing for visiting Dublin again has long gone.
I have visited Dublin and stayed in an hotel there, Gness. I didn't care for the city and would not re-visit.
Ireland has benefited hugely from its EU membership - and everyone here knows that.

Yes, there are problems with the fishing quotas at the moment and there is also the issue of Ireland's "Low Corporation Tax" strategy for encouraging businesses to domicile here - but compared to the vast unknown of throwing in their lot with Bojo's Chancers that's a couple of trivial (and solvable) problems.

Very, very few people would opt to leave - all the opinion polls show a huge majority in favour of staying with the EU - 84% in the most recent poll

[ note that the baseline for the rather odd graphic is 75% - obviously drawn by an innumerate twit ]
Question Author
gness, in the link, one of your diplomats says that the EUSSR is walking all over you. That normally stirs a revolution, eg 1919.
That's their call. Personally, I don't gove a toss whether they do or not. It doesn't affect me in the slightest.
Do you mean the former diplomat, Ray Bassett, TTT? If so I can only smile at the thought of him causing a revolution. :-)
Ireland has benefited from being in the EU.

I take it you weren't driving in Ireland 30 odd years ago?
Question Author
ummmm yes I was, I've visited Ireland dozens of times since the 80s. Why do you make these assumptions when you know nothing about me? I can't see why my visits have any relevance anyway.

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