Do You Believe Trump Said " Hitler Did A Lot Of Good Things" ?

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Untitled | 17:49 Wed 07th Jul 2021 | News
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The allegation is made by WSJ journalist Michael Bender in a forthcoming book.


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Yes I do, because what he says is true. Unfortunately all the good he did was vastly outweighed by the bad.
democratically elected and overthrown by foreign interference. You have to feel quite sorry for him, don't you?
i agree with jackdaw, although its not a popular opinion.
It's not a popular opinion because it's completely irrelevant, in terms of assessing Hitler's legacy, whether or not it's true. It's also manifestly clear that, whatever good Hitler may have done, it was only ever a means to his real, abhorrent ends.

Sure, if you want to discuss how somebody so twisted and evil could rise to power, then looking at everything he did is important, including the "good", but even then only to understand the dangers of evil people co-opting "good" policies.
Any 'good' he may have done was only a means to an deluded and evil ambition .
I believe Mr Trunp said it because he has a long and miserable record of not understanding the simple fact that just because something comes into your mind, it does automatically need simultaneously to come out of your mouth.

It's a simple lesson that children learn as they grow up.

Mr Trump, being emotionally and intellectually still a child has not learned this simple lesson.
You'd also have to wonder about the intent of even wanting to bring it up. If it were meant to lead to a discussion about the nuance in history, maybe. Or, possibly, if Trump intended to warn about the dangers of allowing hyper-nationalistic con artists to take over a country by promising to return to imagined former glories, promising quick fixes but also destroying the institutions of the country in the process and attempting to crush any dissenters, then, fair enough, but somehow I don't think Trump would want to warn about such things. And, anyway, he never did do nuance, so I doubt that would have been his intention, either.

// Yes I do, because what he says is true.//
yikes - autobahns- got the Olympics going - made trains run on time ( Musso ) actually being German they probably ran OK anyway

My father was a guest of Aydolf ( as they now call him) and I never er really heard him say a good word ....

In fact to a guard ( POW see?) around 1943-4 - he said "you had great opportunities in Ukraine and you treated those who greeted you as liberators with the utmost cruelty"
and the guard said: "I agree - great mistakes were made in the East."

there you are from someonewho was there -
Trump did he say
yup - court of King Trump is serialised as we speak in The Times

The presidents office was nicknamed - - the star wars bar
Jim the Times serialisations are good
if you can get them
began on Tue
He was different to other presidents - - very very different
Apparently he just said things and had no plans

so yes I think he did
and he loved his mother, PP.

You could argue Stalin did a lot of good. He dragged a nation of medieval peasants into the industrialised modern world in 30 years or so. But I can't see that Hitler did anything beyond building up a war machine (and a military) that ultimately failed and left his country in ruins.
Stalin did do a lot of good for his people,jno.As a great socialist leader he was the peoples friend.All these stories of him murdering millions of his own people and causing massive famines all over the Soviet Union are just capitalist,imperialist,Jewish lies.
In my childhood there were people who said exactly that
( uncle Joe etc ) - the DPs didnt
ynna; are you being serious?
Nah,PP,dear old Uncle Joe was just a scapegoat.It was Trotsky that murdered those millions of working-class plebs.When he was discovered he committed suicide by driving an ice-pick through his brain.A nasty character and no doubt about it.
I didn't say he did well by his people, ynnafymmi, just for his country. The USSR lost roughly 50 times as many people in the war as Britain did, and three times as many as Germany did, but they won and they emerged as a great power. Hitler, however, lost everything, having achieved nothing.
It's the kind of thing Trump would say, that's for sure.

I'd like to know some of the many good things Hitler did if anyone would care to list any.
And Mao Tse Tung produced some nice reading red.
@22.52.Yes.Why?You are a right-wing Tory,Atheist.You would always doubt what a people-friendly socialist like Uncle Joe did for his people.
@23.24.Mao was another victim of capitalist,imperialist,reactionaries.All the millions who died at this socialists hands were in fact murdered by,err,someone else...someone not a true socialist...err,some anti-socialist like Charlie Chan or Rin Tin Tin...

I think you're asking whether we think Trump said this, rather than asking whether we agree with him.

Yes - it's not outside the realms of possibility.

I don't know enough about Hitler to comment on him as a force for good, but I know enough about Trump to believe he may have said that (but context is key).

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