The Cost To You Of Johnsons Of The Green Party Plans

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youngmafbog | 11:32 Fri 02nd Jul 2021 | News
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Some Tory party.

Time Bunter was shunted out. We should not be having his Missus making policy and if its other so called Troy MP's then they need to be rooted out and exposed.


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YMB - // We should not be having his Missus making policy ...

Is there actually any evidence that Mrs Johnson is 'making policy' - or is it simply a mischievous dig by the media, which some sections of the public are taking seriously, despite the absence of even a hint of credible evidence that it's true.
Whoever is making it, it's ludicrous.
This is not a very sophisticated scheme. It basically involves a tax on burning things. This would be OK if the government had put its mind to providing alternatives. But there aren't any. People who heat their homes by gas (far and away the most efficient for most people) have no practical alternatives. Electricity is three or four times the cost of gas.

So it is with cars. Electric cars are impractical for many people. If you need to travel any distance you need an overnight stop to charge the thing up. If you live anywhere where you cannot park your car near to your house you will have difficulty charging your car even when you are at home.

The biggest downside of all is that it will make absolutely no difference to the climate.
Bar stewards
Have you notivced that every sentence in the Mails' claim inckuded the words COULD
Gas and car bills could soar by hundreds of pounds a year in green revolution
Carbon reduction scheme could increase cost of running car by £100 a year
Boris Johnson's radical new scheme could be launched as early as next year
We should all rise up and throw this mob of useless wastrels into the Thames. That would deflate the so called bubble.

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The Cost To You Of Johnsons Of The Green Party Plans

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