Clean Up Time

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gulliver1 | 11:08 Sun 27th Jun 2021 | News
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This Conservative Government is a Government riddled with Sleaze.
Now Hancock has gone, will Boris grasp his chance and clean up this
Con Crony Govt . ....This could be his one and only chance.
I don't think he will.


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So that is 'a' - what is 'b'?
You should email him again and tell him, gulliver. Be awful if he missed the benefit of your advice.
Dear Boris….
Gully the swerver
beginning to think it must be a prerequisite to be 'smarmy' looking for the secretary of state for health and social care post . . .
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Then again if Boris did decide to clean up his Sleaze Covernment, He would have to sack half of his Cabinet
Asking Boris to clean up the Tory government would be like asking Al Capone to clean up the Mafia.
I think at least Sajid Javid showed a bit of integrity when he refused to change his Treasury team at Boris' (Cummings') whim.
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12 11, Yes Dave , Sajid does seem to have more going for him at the moment , Time will tell.
I really don't think 20 lorry loads of Cillit Bang Mould Remover will clean this Government up. But you can live in hope.
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Trouble is there are too many of Boris's own MPs on the........ Pay Roll Vote.
I doubt he will.

Boris' days must be numbered now.
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17.48 " Boris's days must be numbered now"
I hope they are YMB .Even some of the dyed in the wool supporters on A/B who allowed themselves to be radiacalised by Boris are slowly waking up to this now.
Why is it his "one and only chance"? Wouldn't it be better for Boris to wait until we're out of lockdown completely before having a reshuffle?
don't think boris is going anywhere.
not after all that expensive redecoration!
No chance – already the government have started an investigation as to how the pics of Hancock and Coladangelo were leaked.

No doubt the whole of the government are of the view that Hancock’s demise is nothing to do with his behaviour – but the fault of whoever leaked the pics to the Sun.
It's great that they can quickly start an investigation into who bugged govt offices, but can't start an investigation into possible govt mistakes in their own handling of covid!

Who's the traitor who filmed a decent govt minister on the job?!!? As for the said minister's misbehaviour, that takes second place!!!
// but can't start an investigation into possible govt mistakes in their own handling of covid!//

covid is still ongoing and will probably be with us for the rest of 2021, and beyond. there are probably still more mistakes to come, and some mistakes already made may still not have manifested themselves yet. it would not be appropriate to start that inquiry yet.
No of course he won’t. “Sleaze” and “politicians” are interchangeable

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Clean Up Time

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