Boris's Reply To Hancock

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gulliver1 | 22:09 Sat 26th Jun 2021 | News
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Thank you for your letter tendering your resignation. I am sorry to recieve it. You should leave office feeling very proud of what you have achieved.
Under your Leadership the NHS has gone through fundemental reforms to the provision of care in this Country..... Is Boris telling lies again .
Cummings said Boris thought Hancock was useless.


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Oh, come on gulliver. There are forms to which one must adhere. Boris dis that, no more, no less.
useless wonka I think was the word

there are forms in resignation know like Dear Sir - never less dear in his life - - your sincerely, ( actually I am a two faced so and so) - - - like so many words on Ab - - do they mean much?
Question Author
P/[email protected], LOL..... are you on the pop?
You now seemed obsessed with Peter pedant's drinking (or not) habits, you mentioned it earlier too.
A decent gentlemanly letter, that's how grown-ups behave.
That is appalling is the fact that the previous day Johnson said:
“He’s apologised. I consider the matter closed”
A day later Hancock rightly and honourably fell on his sword.
What on earth does that say about the PM?
it's no worse than any premier league manager's poisoned chalice ich - the full backing of his board.........
Made me laugh that the man from The Sun on BBC was talking about the whistle blower who felt it was the right thing to do to make this public - of course nothing to do with the huge cheque he is going to get from The Sun! I bet he won't be monitoring CCTV for the rest of his life.
It shows that the PM values loyalty to his team over anything else.
Plainly Mr Hancock can see it’s a resigning matter (doubtless with a little prompting)
It shows Johnson, no doubt unintentionally, in a very poor light indeed
I also agree that the leak is pretty shabby
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Cummings is saying that Hancocks replacement
Sajid Javid was chosen by Carrie Symonds because Cummings wanted Javid out of the Chancellors job'
when javid was chancellor.....sour grapes,,,,,,
I'll take any opportunity to bash Boris but to be honest this is the correct way to deal with this sort of thing. It is no different to anyone 'resigning' in business.
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12.53 It's just the... "You should leave office feeling very proud of what you have achieved"....part that is laughable.
All this joy at a the ‘sleazy’ antics of a Govt which is still in power for a few years and highly likely to win the next election is slightly perverse. Kinda like self flagellation.
Question Author
13,00 , Don't be too sure about the,
"Highly likely to win the next election," Zacs.
Gulliver,// Don't be too sure about the,
"Highly likely to win the next election//
Who do you think is going to beat them? Not the Labour party for sure.
There’s nothing wrong with the letter: what do you expect him to write:
“Good riddance you hopeless ****** “
It’s not that I have a problem with as stated above

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Boris's Reply To Hancock

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