Hancock Been At It?

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youngmafbog | 08:49 Fri 25th Jun 2021 | News
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Alleged at present although a pretty damming phot.

I dont care who he has been poking but if it has been during the 'lockdowns' then it does become very much a problem given how the Government 'banned bonking'

Surely this little '***ing useless' weasel cant hang on much longer?


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Poor man.
Question Author
I was thinking more like poor women.

What were they thinking going with a man who has a face you wouldn't tire of punching all day? Must be the power thing.
Well well well, what can we expect when Boris is a role model to his colleagues ( allegedly ) :-)
Another affair!!!!!
What is the world coming to?
I know sqad. They could be just a bit discreet though don’t you think ? mean more underhand, cleverer ,more streetwise.............I suppose so.
All a bit inconvenient for Boris.
He needs to keep Hancock so he can sack him later after an inquiry.
Hancock has done anything Boris hasn’t done (extra marital affair, promoting his lover, taxpayer footing the bill) so another affair they will brazen out.
Question Author
It's not just the affair though is it Sunk. It's the rank hypocrisy of do as I say not as I do, something this Government seems to be doing inspades.

Hancock and Johnson need to go.

caught in the act, how stupid can you be... he's the last person one would think of in that way, yuck.
// yuck. //

no worse than John Major and Edwina Currie...... eeeewwwww.....
I wanted to heave seeing his hands all over Miss Millionaires backside ! eughhhhhh!!!!
true, eeewwww is right..
I have never liked this man, he always seemed so insincere to me. I hope he goes, but he probably won't.
Sounds like he should be renamed now, to 'Matt Halfcock'.
It's not really the affair though is it It's about kissing and touching when the rest of us weren't allowed to thanks to him and his power mad chums. Thousands have had to put their secret affairs on hold during Covid. Odious man anyway.
when did the government ban bonking?
TTT se Prudie's post above ^^^
There's also the small issue that Matt's lover has - entirely coincidentally - been appointed to a £1000 a day post in his department. Of course, the (taxpayers') money is nothing to do with it, it's the sheer convenience of having her in his office ...

Just another example, among many others, of how this whiffy government takes its place for granted and us for a ride, every single day.
Ellipsis, is £1.000 a day correct?

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Hancock Been At It?

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