Hancock Been At It?

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youngmafbog | 08:49 Fri 25th Jun 2021 | News
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Alleged at present although a pretty damming phot.

I dont care who he has been poking but if it has been during the 'lockdowns' then it does become very much a problem given how the Government 'banned bonking'

Surely this little '***ing useless' weasel cant hang on much longer?


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jennyjoan //-sorry Mrs Hancock - marriage is over - whilst I have felt sorry for you.//

Mrs Hancock may be making her own arrangements for all we know - at least I hope she is.
None of this is any of our business & the social-distancing argument is a scurrilous scam being perpetrated by his enemies. Who hasn't 'broken the rules' in some form in the last 18 months ?
That may be so, Khandro, but we are not on tv almost every evening telling us how we ought to behave. Halfcocked is.
A 'scurrilous scam' Khandro? Enemies? Oh do give over. That's risible.

And look up 'hypocrisy' in the dictionary. :0)
Both Hancock and Gina Coladangelo should resign.
Chanajan //A 'scurrilous scam' Khandro? Enemies? Oh do give over. That's risible.//

He has a lot, desperate for an excuse to get rid of him, some even on AB, personally I don't care.
And btw, have you not kissed anybody during the last 18 months?

Answer optional :0)
Khandro 23:39. Lots have broken the rules but …. Are not on the telly, in the papers telling us to socially distance!

It should be your business, Khandro.

Many have got through this without breaking rules. Our lockdown was much stricter than most but we and our family and friends here did as we were asked in the hope it would help. It was difficult and at times heartbreaking.

I do find it interesting that there are some defending him. Makes me wonder what they've done that they hope will stay hidden... :-)

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Hancock Been At It?

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